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Monthly Archives: April 2021

  • 5 secret tips to buy best Bitumen Sprayer - Won't believe #4

    What is a Bitumen Sprayer?

    A model of bitumen sprayer made by XCMG company.


    Bitumen sprayer is a kind of construction machinery, widely used for spraying bitumen on the road surface. But what is bitumen? It is a material produced through the distillation of crude oil, effectively used for roofing, road construction, and waterproofing. 

    Bitumen Sprayer is designed in such a way that it allows you to have complete control over the spray of bitumen before the laying down of hot mix asphalt happens. To be precise, this equipment is an important contributor to road construction.

    One of the main tasks of bitumen sprayer is road construction.


    What are the features of Bitumen Sprayer?

    We have a product named ‘Hydraulic 25-ton Rubber Bitumen Sprayer’ having amazing features to use for your upcoming projects. Basically, when it comes to owning a Bitumen Sprayer, we should consider its model, dimensions, tank capacity, and many other factors.

    1.    Hydraulic Pump

    In the Hydraulic 25-ton rubber Bitumen Sprayer, its engine model pattern has inline 6 cylinders with 4 strokes supercharge, just like the way you need for your business. With exceptional powerful tires type - 12.00-20, with a drive system powered by hydraulics.

    2.    Vehicle Pattern

    The most crucial feature you should look carefully at is the Vehicle Pattern. This Hydraulic Sprayer has a Flathead 6x4 rear-drive exactly what you dream of for your task. With a top speed of 90 Km/h, It’s simply best for your industry. 

    What are the uses of Bitumen Sprayer?

    There are multiple uses of Bitumen Sprayer:


    • It has two different sets of operating systems. For example, one of the systems is for the driving cabin the other one is for the rear operating platform, which takes care of the reliability of the work.


    • This machine is known for its engine which has a significant heat supply oil system. Most importantly, this bitumen sprayer helps the asphalt to migrate through the spraying nozzle so that spraying quality will grow perfectly.

    Where to buy Bitumen Sprayer?

    You may be able to find a similar type of bitumen sprayer in your nearest location. But if you want to buy a quality, competitively priced Bitumen sprayer such as ‘Hydraulic 25-ton rubber bitumen sprayer’, It’s better for you to import directly from the manufacture, that’s fruitful as they can issue certifications & provide cost-saving which is way better than buying locally or your close-by distributors.

    If you require bulk quantities of such equipment, you can contact us on this email [email protected],  so we can register your order as per your requirements.

    A Bitumen Sprayer made in China.


    Which Countries manufacture Bitumen Sprayer?

    The main producer of Hydraulic 25-ton rubber bitumen sprayer is China, it is the leading country in Asia. Other Nations are India, Japan have also started delivering similar kind of Bitumen Sprayer to and within their country.

    The consumption of this Bitumen Sprayer has grown massively in developing countries. Since the equipment is reliable, powerful & superior in performance.

    What is the Pricing?

    This has a massive demand in the current market due to its great performance. The Price of ‘Hydraulic 25-ton Rubber Bitumen Sprayer’ is $125,950.00 and its availability is ‘In stock’. Click the ink and check more detailed information on our website.

    How to Buy A bitumen sprayer?

    Camamach is the best company to buy Bitumen Sprayer. There are other samples available and you can check them out here. All these equipment available for sale are of premium quality, on top of that it is available at competitive and affordable prices.

    We export worldwide, so you wish to connect with us for a FREE quotation via email, drop your message at [email protected] or Whatsapp us on +86-131-2037-9271


    Here at camamach, we have many other types of road construction machinery for sales such as:

  • How to Buy the Best Tanker Truck? 5 Must-Know Tips!

    What is a Tanker Truck?

    Water Tanker Truck is used to transport liquids and gases.


    Tanker trucks, or simply tankers, are the most common truck type. They are used to transport liquids and gases such as petrol, diesel, CNG, and water. The tankers are kept cylindrical in shape for many reasons that include: no weak spots, stability, minimal sloshing, and easy extraction.

    Tanker Truck made by Sinotruk is for sale at Camamach


    Tanker Truck Features

    Features of our tanker trucks at Camamach include:

    Special Cabins

    Tanker trucks are often taken for long hauls. That is why our trucks have ergonomically designed cabins for drivers and include sleepers, among other standard features like heating and ventilating systems.

    Heavy-Duty Engines

    Our tanker trucks have heavy-duty and fuel-efficient Sinotruk engines perfectly suitable for long hauls of heavy loads.


    Our trucks’ chassis are equipped with semi-elliptic leaf springs and hydraulic telescopic double-action shock absorbers for stability. The frame itself is U-shaped and is cold riveted to prevent rusting.


    The fuel tank is divided into compartments, and each compartment has a separate pipe system. It can load different mediums and has the operation box attached below that has a flowmeter with a fuel track nozzle.

    Tanker Truck Uses

    Here are the most common uses of tanker trucks:

    Fuel Transportation

    The most typical use of tanker trucks is to carry fuel like petrol or diesel.

    Water Carriers

    Tanker Trucks are used to carry large amounts of water and also contain pumping features. They are extremely useful in water shortages.

    Liquid Food Carriers

    Liquid foods such as milk, wine, sugars, and juices are common tankers’ passengers.

    Industrial Chemical Carriers

    Chemical factories use the tankers to safely transport liquid chemicals – both safe and hazardous.

    Tanker Truck Types

    Camamach has the top branded tanker truck for sale. The available types include:


    Tankers made by Sinotruk is for sale at Camamach


    Where to Buy a Tanker Truck?

    Are you in the market for some top-quality tanker trucks? If yes, then you have made the right stop. Camamach is a well-known distributor of heavy machinery that only stocks the finest products. Head over to the Tankers page now!

    Which Countries Manufacture Tanker Trucks in Bulk?

    Tankers are one of the most common types of trucks on the road. They are required regularly and thus have justified high demand – particularly in developing countries.

    The top manufacturing countries of tanker trucks include China, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

    Who are the top Chinese Manufacturers of Tanker Trucks?

    Several companies are manufacturing tankers in China. Finding suitable manufacture can be troublesome. At Camamach, only the best and trusted Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) are accepted. The tanker truck at Camamach is:

    Contact us now for pricing, videos, and detailed specifications on the product.

    What’s more in the store?

    Camamach has more than just tankers in the stock. The list of our specialized vehicles is long. Some of the vehicles are:

  • 5 Tips You Must Know Before Buying Sweeper Truck(#3 is Most Important)

    What is a Sweeper Truck?

    Sweeper Truck is a cleaning vehicle designed to eliminate the need for manual labor.


    A sweeper truck is a cleaning vehicle designed to eliminate the need for manual labor in streets, parking lots, or highways. There are different sweeper trucks available in the market working on conveyer or vacuum systems.

    The sweeper truck at Camamach works with the most common and demanded broom sweep system. They don’t just keep your streets clean. These street cleaners prevent contaminated debris from entering the storm system, rivers, and lakes. Asphalt life is also extended as the sweepers remove the dirt and debris that usually hosts weed.

    Sweeper Truck made by OEM at Camamach is for sale


    Sweeper Truck Features

    Features of the street sweeper trucks at Camamach are:


    Our sweeper trucks are equipped with stiff rotating mechanical brooms/brushes that clean the dirt and debris.


    Flaps are located in front of the brushes. They are used to maximize the vacuum suction by preventing it from flying. 


    The blower is used to release the brush entrapped dust and create an air void for dust collection by the hopper.


    The dust and debris are sucked up in the hopper, where they swirl around due to an air vortex and then settle for removal.


    Water is injected into the incoming dust and dirt to reduce and help it settle in the hopper.


    Sweeper trucks have long working hours. You’d need a powerful one that’s also fuel-efficient. Fortunately, we have you covered with features like turbocharging,  inter cooling, and water cooling.

    Sweeper Truck Uses

    The primary purpose of sweeper trucks is to keep your pathways clean. They can also be customized to suit your particular needs. Some of the most common places they used on are:

    • Highways
    • Parking Lots
    • Street roads
    • Airport Runways.


    Sweeper Truck Types

    Camamach takes pride in stocking only top-quality products. The street sweeper truck for sale include:


    Sweeper Trucks made in China is for sale  at Camamach


    Where to Buy a Sweeper Truck?

    Looking for high-quality sweeper trucks in bulk? Well, look no further because you are on the best platform in the market. Camamach has a stellar reputation as a supplier of heavy machinery. You ought to check out the sweeper truck here.

    Which Countries Manufacture Sweeper Trucks in Bulk?

    Sweeper trucks are the cleaners of roads. And given the magnitude of roads around the world, it’s no surprise when manufacturers experience an increase in truck demands, especially from developing countries.

    The sweeper trucks’ top manufacturing countries are China, Germany, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.  

    Who are the top Chinese Manufacturers of Sweeper Trucks?

    China has many companies manufacturing the special vehicle. Finding a trusted manufacturer is no easy task when looking for more than quality. That’s why, Camamach has come to your aid with stocks of the best Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) – evaluated on all parameters. The sweeper truck at Camamach is:

    Contact us now for pricing, videos, and complete specifications on the special trucks.

    What’s more in the store?

    At Camamach, there is a lot more where that came from. We have a long list of specialized vehicles stocked and ready for shipment. Some of them are:

  • 5 Expert Tips to Buy Mobile Crusher - Check Out #3!

    What is a Mobile Crusher?

    Mobile Crusher are truck-mounted portable rock ore crushing machines that produce on-site aggregates.


    Mobile crushers, also known as stone crushers, are truck-mounted portable rock ore crushing machines that produce on-site aggregates. Different crushers are classified on a secondary, tertiary, and quaternary capacity basis.  They are also have mining and recycling applications.

    They are not just easy to maintain and convenient in terms of cost and environmental friendliness but have been engineered to be versatile and reliable.

    Mobile Cone Cusher made by China is ready for sale


    Mobile Crusher Features

    The general features of mobile crusher plant include:

    Belt Conveyor

    All mobile crushers are equipped with high-quality and durable conveyor belts to carry the crushed aggregates. The belts can also be fitted with metal detectors.

    Magnetic Separator

    A magnetic separator is an optional feature installed behind the belt conveyer to separate out any metallic material that affects the optimal use of your crushed aggregate.

    Jaw Crusher

    The mobile jaw crusher plant has a portable jaw crusher mounted that does the main job. It has the standard working procedure of using a fixed and movable teeth/jaw plate to crush the ore.

    Grizzly Bars

    Grizzly bars, placed across hoppers are used to maintain a specific feed size for the crusher. Unacceptable feed is removed before it can enter the crusher.

    Feed Hopper

    Feed hoppers are filled with the feed material that needs to be crushed. They are large enough for the dump trucks to directly load raw material.

    Dust Controllers

    Dust from the crusher can be controlled with a sprinkler nozzle installed above the crusher.

    Centralized Operation Panels

    Multiple functions monitors and switches are installed on the lower part of the machinery to ensure easy operability.

    Mobile Crusher Uses

    Aggregate Production

    The primary purpose of mobile crushers is to produce aggregate from tough and big rocks of raw material. Different types of crushers are used for aggregate production.


    Mobile crushers, especially mobile impact crushers, are used for recycling applications. With tier 4 emission standards and built-in screens, they can be purposed to create recycled material and are used to handle construction waste and concrete aggregate.

    Mining operations

    Flexible configuration and wide applications make mobile crushers a must-have in the mining industry.

    Mobile Crusher Types

    Camamach has three different types of mobile crushers to best suit your requirements.


    Mobile Impact Crusher made by OEM  at Camamach


    Where to Buy Mobile Crushers?

    Camamach has got the highest quality mobile crushers for sale in stock. If you require bulk quantities of this equipment, then Camamach is the best choice.

    Which Countries Manufactures Mobile Crusher in Bulk?

    Mobile crushing equipment is one of the most demanded machinery in the mining and mineral processing sector. The heavy demand, especially in developing countries, is backed by its major contribution to the economy.  

    The best equipment is manufactured byChina, Australia, and Sweden.  

    Who are the top Chinese Manufacturers of Mobile Crusher?

    China is a mass producer of mining equipment. Camamach has filtered through the top Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) that have been tested on all parameters. Mobile crushers at Camamach are:

     Contact us now for detailed specifications and videos along with the pricing.

    What’s more in the store?

    There’s a lot more where that came from. Camamach has all the mineral processing equipment you’ll ever need. A few of them are:

    1. Briquette Machine
    2. Beneficiation Equipment
    3. Grinding Equipment
  • 5 Key Tips for Buying Hazardous Material Transport Vehicles - Must Check #3

    What is Hazardous Material Transport?

    Hazardous Material Transport are special trucks purposed for safe transportation of harmful materials.


    Hazardous material transport include hazardous trucks, also known as hazmat carriers, are special trucks purposed for safe transportation of materials harmful to humans and the environment.

    Strict regulations are imposed in all countries for hazardous material transport. These regulations include identifying hazardous materials and the safety measures mandatory to transport them. At Camamach, we have the special vehicle manufactured in line with standard transport regulations and are thus exported worldwide.

    Hazardous Material Transport made by OEM  at Camamach for sale


    Hazardous Material Transport Features

    Customized Body

    Our hazardous trucks have cold-rolled steel to withstand conditions that regular hot-rolled steel plates cannot. The container floor is also made of an explosive-proof steel plate along with anti-static rubber matting.

    The chassis is also durable enough to withstand an explosion.

    Electrostatic Shielding

    Our van bodies are engineered with electrostatic shielding to prevent sparks from causing fires.

    Flame Retardant Coating

    Our hazardous truck interiors are also lined with flame retardant foam to prevent fires in the best case and slow it down in the worst.

    Smoke Alarms

    Our trucks also feature state-of-the-art smoke detecting alarms inside the container, along with a couple of fire extinguishers.

    Comfortable Driver’s Cabin

    With turnover driver’s cab, the cabin is ergonomically designed for long hauling of hazardous materials.

    Hazardous Material Transport Uses

    Industrial Material Transportation

    These trucks are mandatory for transporting hazardous material like in the chemical industry.

    Emergency Services

    A hazardous truck is used by emergency services to handle potentially dangerous materials. The respondents can decide on the specifically customized specialized vehicle.

    Hazardous Material Transport Types

    Camamach has stocked hazardous trucks that’ll meet all your containment requirements. The available truck for sale is:


    The truck head of Hazardous Material Transport at Camamach


    Where to Buy a Hazardous Material Transport?

    If you are in the market for a top-notch fire truck that’ll give you loads of features with long working life, then you are in luck because Camamach stocks its fire trucks exactly on those parameters. It’s the place to be – especially if you need them in bulk.

    Which Countries Manufacture Hazardous Material Transport in Bulk?

    Hazardous trucks fall in essential safety measures. And technological advances worldwide have increased the demand for such vehicles. They are especially wanted in developing countries. 

    The top manufacturers include China and the United States.

    Who are the top Chinese Manufacturers of Hazardous Material Transport?

    You’ll see a lot of Chinese manufactures of hazardous material transport. What’s important is selecting a manufacturer that produces quality trucks and is also reliable and convenient for you at every other end. Fortunately, you have come to the right place.

    Camamach stocks products from only the best Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) based on years of experience. The transport available at Camamach is:

    Contact us now for pricing, videos, and complete specifications on the hazardous truck.

    What’s more in the store?

    Camamach has no shortage of specialized vehicles. We have all that you’ll need. Some other vehicles on the list are:

  • 3 Must-Know Tips to Purchase Fire Truck - 2 Bonus Tips!

    What is a Fire Truck?

    Fire Truck is a life-saving vehicles that carries firefighters, extinguishing water, and equipment


    A Fire truck, also known as a fire engine, is a life-saving vehicle that carries firefighters, extinguishing water, and equipment like ladders and hoses needed on the scene. They are mostly painted red to make them stand out and have high contrast patterns to act as warning indicators in addition to the sirens.

    The vehicle has a chassis that supports the superstructure containing all the main components. The equipment on the trucks may vary in different firefighting departments.

    Fire Truck made in China at Camamach is ready  for sale


    Fire Truck Features

    Our fire trucks are equipped with all the latest and necessary features. The main features include:

    The Chassis

    Chassis is the main component of a fire truck as the entire structure is carried on top of it. The fire trucks for sale at Camamach have durable chassis to provide stability, safety, and long work-life for the vehicle.


    A ladder is one of the fundamental components of a fire truck. However, you need to know that the terms fire trucks and fire engines are used interchangeably. Fire trucks usually have a large attached aerial ladder, and fire engines have a small ladder used manually by the firefighters.

    Tool Compartments

    The trucks have tool compartments to store commonly used tools such as axes, nozzles, halligan bars, fire extinguishers, ventilator fans, and cutters.


    Fire trucks have hoses with different nozzles attached to the fire engine. They are used to squirt water on the fire.


    A state-of-the-art pump is installed in all our fire engines to handle heavy rescue duties.

    Driver’s Cab

    The interior of the driver’s cab usually contains mounted laptops, air tanks, flashlights, radio systems, thermal imaging cameras, and gas monitors.

    Gripped Steps

    Our fire trucks are also equipped with gripped steps that allow the firefighters to safely move on the vehicle.

    Fire Truck Uses

    The two main uses of fire trucks are:

    Transporting Firefighters and Equipment

    The firefighter team and their equipment are transported on the fire trucks. The equipment can be quite heavy and needs manual maneuvering of the team.

    Putting Out Fires

    The special vehicle’s primary purpose is to put out the fires endangering lives and the environment. The fire engine carries water and pumping equipment to use the fire hydrants.

    Fire Truck Types

    Camamach has stocked top-quality fire trucks for you. The available types are:


    Fire Truck made by OEM is ready for sale at Camamach


    Where to Buy a Fire Truck?

    If you are in the market for a top-notch fire truck that’ll give you loads of features with long working life, then you are in luck because Camamach stocks its fire trucks exactly on those parameters. It’s the place to be – especially if you need them in bulk.

    Which Countries Manufacture Fire Trucks in Bulk?

    Fire Truck is the sole responder on a fire scene. They are required worldwide and lately have been in demand, particularly in the developing countries.

    The biggest manufacturers include China, the United States, and Austria.

    Who are the top Chinese Manufacturers of Fire Trucks?

    Fire trucks are essential to safety in cities, and China has plenty of reliable manufacturers for the vehicles. What Camamach has done is select the best Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) you could ever find. The fire truck brands at  Camamach are:


    For full specifications, videos, and pricing of the emergency vehicles, contact us now.

    What’s more in the store?

    Camamach has plenty of specialized vehicles stocked for you like:

  • 5 things to Consider before Buying An Ambulance - Don't Miss #4!

    What is an Ambulance?

    Ambulance is a life-saving emergency vehicles equipped with enough medical facilities.
    Ambulance is a life-saving emergency vehicles equipped with enough medical facilities.

    Ambulances are life-saving emergency vehicles that get you to a hospital. They are equipped with enough medical facilities to help keep patients in a sustainable condition till they reach a hospital.

    Ambulance vans are fundamental to the healthcare sector, and Camamach has them fully equipped with all the latest features. Our ambulances are designed in line with safety standards ensuring a smooth ride for the patient and the paramedics.

    Ambulance at Camamach with optimal design.

    Ambulance Features

    Features of the ambulance car available at Camamach include:

    Optimal Design

    Ambulance design acts as your purchasing guide because patients with acute conditions treated with sensitive equipment are carried in a moving vehicle. Our ambulances are ergonomically designed to easily access the medical equipment without causing any discomfort to the patient.

    The components like cabinets are also made with light yet rigid materials.

    Vehicle Stability

    Ambulance rides are often speedy – saving lives and all. It needs to ensure a stable ride for patient and paramedic safety. The chassis and weight also need to be considered as overloading a chassis can increase accident chances. That is why our ambulances come with all the safety checks.

    Ambulance Uses

    Medical Emergency Vehicles

    The primary use is to come to your rescue in a medical emergency such as a road accident. They come with first respondent paramedics and enough medical aid to treat you till the destination arrives.

    Hospital to Hospital Transport

    Ambulances are used to transport patients with disabilities or the ones with critical conditions to other hospitals.

    Body Transportation

    The special vehicle is often used to transport dead bodies to morgues or burial sites.

    Ambulance Types

    The ambulance for sale at Camamach fits all your requirements. The available product is:


    Ambulance made by OEM Ambulance  at Camamach is for sale


    Where to Buy an Ambulance?

    Camamach stocks ambulances equipped with all the necessary functionalities a hospital looks for. If you need to purchase ambulances, especially in bulk quantities, then Camamach has got you covered.

    Which Countries Manufacture Ambulances in Bulk?

    Healthcare sectors have greatly been affected by the pandemic. And as the population increases, the demand for ambulances worldwide has seen rapid growth, especially in developing nations. 

    The top manufacturers of ambulances are fromChina, Canada, and the United States.

    Who are the top Chinese Manufacturers of Ambulance?

    Ambulances are crucial in healthcare sectors all around the world. Camamach has stocked the vehicle from reliable and tested Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) in China. We have:


     For detailed specifications, videos, and pricing on the special vehicle, contact us now.

    What’s more in the store?

    Camamach has a vast inventory of specialized vehicles. Some of them include:

  • Overview of SDLG Backhoe Loader B877F and How to Buy one?

    What is a Backhoe Loader?

    A SDLG B877F machine is working for construction

    A backhoe loader, also known as loader backhoe, is a heavy machine with tractor-like body, a bucket on the front and a backhoe on the back. This machinery is widely used in urban construction and small construction project like building a house.

    A Backload B877F machine loose material for construction.

    SDLG Backhoe Loader B877F Features

    Below are the main features of SDLG B877F :

    1.    Cab

    SDLG backhoe loader B877F has a cab fitted with adjustable seats and a steering column for the operator to work more effectively in a comfortable condition.

    2.      Engine Hood

    The large engine hood of SDLG B877F makes the engine and radiator much more accessible, which helps improve the maintenance accesses.

    3.    High Efficiency

    SDLG B877F has powerful 70kW Yucai engines to provide the hydraulic system. Thanks to the powerful engine, SDLGC B77F has a digger power of 48kn, which is approximately 10% higher than the regular backhoe loaders. Besides the solid digging force, it also has a digger depth of 5337mm as well as digging radium of 6330mm, which is much higher than most of the regular backhoe loaders. 

    the backhoe of SDLG B877 can be replaced and customized.

    SDLG B877F Backhoe Loader Uses

    The primary purpose of the B877F machine is to transport light building materials or digging holes and excavation. The backhoe bucket can be replaced by other attachments based on construction projects. SDLG can customize the machine to suit your need.

    The bucket in the front of B877F machine

    Backhoe loader in operation

    Where to buy SDLG B877F Backhoe Loader?

    Ordering the B877F backhoe loader machine from SDLG directly has become more accessible, but it can still be slow and time-consuming, especially when buying small quantities of equipment. You might also face difficulties such as language barriers and non-ideal prices. Therefore, Camamach may be a better choice for you. At Camamach, we have experience with reliable SDLG products and equipment, and we can help you get the machine at a competitive price.  Here at Camamach, we have SDLG B877F along with premium quality construction equipment for sale, all at competitive and affordable prices. We export worldwide, so you can contact us for a FREE quotation today via email at [email protected] or send a message on WhatsApp for a fast response +86-131-2037-9271.

  • 5 Tips to choose the Right Wrecker Truck (2 Pro Tips!)

    What is a Wrecker Truck?

    A Heavy Wrecker Truck that can be used to haul other vehicles or carry them on board.

    Wrecker trucks are just towing trucks that either haul other vehicles or carry them on board. These are the rescue vehicles that come to your aid when a vehicle breaks down, is damaged, or even wrongly parked.

    The only difference between a wrecker and a tow truck is the assignment of duties. Where wrecker trucks are employed for both towing and maintenance work, tow trucks only carry vehicles on a smaller scale.

    A Heavy Wrecker Truck that is produced in China.

    Wrecker Truck Features

    The key features of  wrecker truck include:


    Boom is the spinal structure that allows towing accessibility from difficult positions. All other parts are connected to the boom and it could either be fixed or rotatable.


    The wheel-lift – or under-lift – is the metal part of the wrecker truck that is connected to the boom and located at the rear end. It goes beneath the vehicle that needs towing – either the rear or the front is lifted to make the vehicle move.

    Tow Bar

    The tow bar, also called tow string, is attached to the wrecker frame or axle and connects the wrecker truck with a vehicle through heavy rubberized mats. The vehicle is then connected to the unconnected axle.

    The tow bar is usually used with wrecked vehicles as it can scratch the body.


    Outriggers, located at the rear end of wrecker trucks, provide stability and help cover a larger area.

    Forks and Receivers

    These are towing accessories that play a crucial part in towing. The types and sizes depend on the wrecker and work requirements.

    Light Bar

    Lightbars, often included in heavy wrecker trucks, offer visibility at dark places to ensure a safe and quick working process.

    Wrecker Truck Use

    Heavy Duty Towing

    Wrecker trucks are the ones you’ll send to tow or recover heavy trailer trucks or tractor-trailers. Their boom can also act as a heavy-duty cran.

    Clearing Freeways

    Both heavy and light wrecker trucks are regularly used to clear freeways of accidents or unlawfully parked heavy vehicles.

    Wrecker Truck Types

    Camamach stores premium Wrecker Trucks for you at competitive rates. The products are:


    A  Light Wrecker Truck produced by OEM is on sale at Camamach

    Where to Buy Wrecker Truck?

    Visit Camamach at Wrecker Truck if you are looking for this product in bulk without compromising the quality.

    Which Countries Manufacture Wrecker Truck in Bulk?

    Wrecker trucks have diverse applications and great demand in the trucking industry. They are especially popular in developing countries.

    The top manufacturers of wrecker tow trucks are China and the United States.

    Who are the top Chinese Manufacturers of Wrecker Truck?

    There are many Chinese brands for wrecker trucks.  Camamach has handpicked the best Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) for you after several performance tests over the years. The product at Camamach is:

    ·         OEM Wrecker Truck

    Contact us now for complete Wrecker Truck specifications, pricing, and videos.

    What’s more in the store?

    At Camamach, there are several other trucks for sale. Some of the available products are:

    1. Cargo Trucks  
    2. Dump Truck / Tipper
    3. Garbage Truck
  • 5 Key Tips to Buy the Right Tractor - Don't Miss #3!

    What is a Tractor?

    a model of tractor with large rear wheels

    Tractors are the forever inhabitants of farms serving as the workforce that drives the agriculture industry. The agricultural machine is defined as a vehicle with larger rear wheels used to haul farm trailers and plows.

    Today, you have the privilege of farming with highly sophisticated and powerful tractors that serve various purposes such as plowing, cultivating, harvesting, hauling, transport, etc.

    The back of a tractor with large two back wheels that used to haul farm trailers and plows.


    Tractor Features

    Feature of our tractors include:

    Hydraulic Hitch

    Tractors have a powerful hydraulics-controlled hitch system in the back that does the pulling and lifting. The hitch performs its job keeping the most weight load on rear wheels and with enough pull force with the ground to achieve optimal resistance.


    All tractors have heavy-duty diesel engines that offer fuel efficiency and optimal work time.


    The tractors have synchronized gear transmissions that offer variable speed control and increased productivity.

    Power Take-off

    Tractors have a state-of-the-art power take-off system, especially in compact tractors for sale. It is a rotating shaft – located at the rear of tractors – that transfers the engine power to other farm machinery.


    Our tractors have strong drawbars – the rod that connects tractors with other equipment – with pivoting for corner pulling. 


    Tractors also have durable tyres with high traction to work on uneven or challenging terrains,

    Tractor Use

    The two primary uses of the farm tractors for sale are:

    Pushing and Pulling

    Tractors push and pull other machines used in agriculture, such as trailers.


    Tractors plow the terrains for plantation with plows attached to the rear.

    Tractor Types

    Camamach has plenty of options when it comes to farm tractors. You can easily select the one that suits your requirements and budget. The available farm equip:


    A 200hp tractor made by OEMs is for sale at Camamach

    Where to Buy Tractor?

    Camamach offers you the most elite class farm tractors for sale at affordable rates, especially if you need to make bulk purchases.  

    Which Countries Manufacture Tractors in Bulk?

    A tractor is the most crucial farm machinery in the agricultural sector. Its demand has been exponentially high, especially in the developing countries where the agricultural sector is the most significant contributor to growth domestic product (GDP)

    The biggest producersare China, India, and the United States.

    Who are the top Chinese Manufacturers of Tractors?

    China has plenty of brands making tractors. At Camamach, we have sorted out the best Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) you’ll find at competitive prices. The tractors for sale

     at Camamach is:


    Contact us now for complete product specifications, prices, and videos.

    What’s more in the store?

    Camamach has stocked other agricultural machinery for you as well. The top products include:

    1. Crawler Tractor
    2. Plows
    3. Trailers

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