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5 Expert Tips to Buy Mobile Crusher - Check Out #3!

What is a Mobile Crusher?

Mobile Crusher are truck-mounted portable rock ore crushing machines that produce on-site aggregates.


Mobile crushers, also known as stone crushers, are truck-mounted portable rock ore crushing machines that produce on-site aggregates. Different crushers are classified on a secondary, tertiary, and quaternary capacity basis.  They are also have mining and recycling applications.

They are not just easy to maintain and convenient in terms of cost and environmental friendliness but have been engineered to be versatile and reliable.

Mobile Cone Cusher made by China is ready for sale


Mobile Crusher Features

The general features of mobile crusher plant include:

Belt Conveyor

All mobile crushers are equipped with high-quality and durable conveyor belts to carry the crushed aggregates. The belts can also be fitted with metal detectors.

Magnetic Separator

A magnetic separator is an optional feature installed behind the belt conveyer to separate out any metallic material that affects the optimal use of your crushed aggregate.

Jaw Crusher

The mobile jaw crusher plant has a portable jaw crusher mounted that does the main job. It has the standard working procedure of using a fixed and movable teeth/jaw plate to crush the ore.

Grizzly Bars

Grizzly bars, placed across hoppers are used to maintain a specific feed size for the crusher. Unacceptable feed is removed before it can enter the crusher.

Feed Hopper

Feed hoppers are filled with the feed material that needs to be crushed. They are large enough for the dump trucks to directly load raw material.

Dust Controllers

Dust from the crusher can be controlled with a sprinkler nozzle installed above the crusher.

Centralized Operation Panels

Multiple functions monitors and switches are installed on the lower part of the machinery to ensure easy operability.

Mobile Crusher Uses

Aggregate Production

The primary purpose of mobile crushers is to produce aggregate from tough and big rocks of raw material. Different types of crushers are used for aggregate production.


Mobile crushers, especially mobile impact crushers, are used for recycling applications. With tier 4 emission standards and built-in screens, they can be purposed to create recycled material and are used to handle construction waste and concrete aggregate.

Mining operations

Flexible configuration and wide applications make mobile crushers a must-have in the mining industry.

Mobile Crusher Types

Camamach has three different types of mobile crushers to best suit your requirements.


Mobile Impact Crusher made by OEM  at Camamach


Where to Buy Mobile Crushers?

Camamach has got the highest quality mobile crushers for sale in stock. If you require bulk quantities of this equipment, then Camamach is the best choice.

Which Countries Manufactures Mobile Crusher in Bulk?

Mobile crushing equipment is one of the most demanded machinery in the mining and mineral processing sector. The heavy demand, especially in developing countries, is backed by its major contribution to the economy.  

The best equipment is manufactured byChina, Australia, and Sweden.  

Who are the top Chinese Manufacturers of Mobile Crusher?

China is a mass producer of mining equipment. Camamach has filtered through the top Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) that have been tested on all parameters. Mobile crushers at Camamach are:

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What’s more in the store?

There’s a lot more where that came from. Camamach has all the mineral processing equipment you’ll ever need. A few of them are:

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