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  • How to Buy an Excavator

    What is an excavator?

    Excavators are vital for projects across various industries, whether grading, laying pipes, demolitions, mass excavations, clearing or general contracting. With many diggers for sale in the market today, it may be difficult to determine which excavator meets your needs. This article takes you through factors that you should consider when shopping for excavation equipment for your next project. It also gives quick tips for landing a good deal.


    Determine the lifting capacity

    The ideal excavator should have enough power to handle the tasks that you will be carrying out. When determining your power needs, check the kind of jobs that you may be performing over a long period and not just the job at hand. You may need a giant excavator for heavy earth-moving and mass demolition tasks. Look for a new mini excavator for sale if expecting to handle small tasks. Mini excavators have a capacity of up to 8 tonnes, standard excavators have capacities of up to 200 tonnes, while large ones may have capacities of over 500 tonnes

    Determine how you will transport the excavator

    You will be required to transport the excavator from one location to another to handle some projects. Therefore, you need to consider how the piece of equipment will be moving from one location to another. If you already have a trailer, ensure that the excavation equipment for sale you pick would fit your trailer. Otherwise, purchase a trailer according to the size of the earth-mover. In some places, you may need a permit to transport a giant excavator.


    What are your required specifications?

    Consider features like bucket capacity, engine power, storage capacity and engine power when making your consideration. Many excavators can support different types of buckets. Look at the maximum capacity that you can purchase. Engine make and power determines how long you can use the excavator continuously before doing repairs.

    What is your budget?

    Your budget is going to determine what kind of excavator for sale you can pick. However, it is recommended that you set a budget after determining the kind of excavators you need for your projects. You may consider looking for a new excavator for sale or buying a used one. The benefit of buying a used excavator is that you can buy a high capacity one at a lower price than you would if buying new. On the other hand, new excavators are less likely to give you problems for a longer period compared to used ones.

    20-ton-medium excavator-SY210C-Sany

    Shop around for excavators while comparing large and new mini excavator prices. Different brands come at different prices. It is good to compare features and capacities with the excavator price so that you end up with the best excavation equipment at your set budget. For used excavators, have them checked for quality and performance before making a purchase. You will find cheap excavators for sale.

    Are excavator spare parts available?

    You will eventually need spare parts especially if the excavator is doing hard work. If you are also in a remote region you should consider how easily you can access excavator spare parts.

    Other considerations

    You may check other excavator types and features. For example, you may consider an electric excavator rather than a gasoline one. You can also purchase a knuckle boom excavator that has an additional arm joint that gives it more flexibility when digging. There are also long reach excavators with arms that can reach up to 95 feet. Longer arms work well in dredging jobs and large building demolitions.

    Excavator buying checklist

    • Excavator capacity, power and specifications
    • Size and transport needs
    • Source of power; gasoline or electric
    • Buy new or used excavators
    • Excavator prices
    • Availability of excavator spare parts

    We have quality and affordable excavators for sale

    Here at Camamach, we assist you buy the right type of excavator. Contact us today for a FREE consultation and pricing


  • What does a Sinotruk serial number actually mean?

    At CamaMach when sourcing spare parts for your machines we always ask for the serial number,  but what does a Sinotruk model serial number actually mean?

    ZZ4257N324A1, what does a SINOTRUK model serial number mean?

     A picture of Sinotruk tractor truck

    ZZ (中重 - zhongzhong) is the short form of Sinotruk's Chinese name 中国重汽 (zhongguo zhongqi)

    ● VEHICLE CATEGORY - This code represents the class of vehicle
    1- cargo truck
    2- off road truck
    3- dump truck
    4- tractor
    5- special truck
    6- bus
    7- passenger car
    9- semi trailer

    ● MAIN CODE.
    The main code is the total weight of the vehicle.

      Sinotruck is China’s first heavy duty truck manufacturer.

    1- Gold Prince
    2- Styre
    3- Hojun
    4- Yellow River
    5- Hoyun
    6- Styre King
    7- HOWO

    ● ENGINE POWER CODE represents the engine power category.

    Here's a useful table:

    A-              P≤68 (hp)
    B-     68<P≤80
    C-     80<P≤95
    D-     95<P≤115
    E-    115<P≤135
    F-    135<P≤160
    G-   160<P≤190
    H-   190<P≤219
    K-    219<P≤265
    M-   265<P≤319
    N-    319<P≤384
    V-    384<P≤460
    W-   460<P≤552
    X-     552<P≤80662
    Y-                P>662

    ● WHEEL BASE CODE - shows the wheelbase in decimeters.
    For example, 32 means there is 3200mm between front axle to the first rear axle.

     Sinotruck Tractor during construction.

    1- 4x2
    2- 4x4
    3- 6x2
    4- 6x4
    5- 6x6
    6- 8x4
    7- 8x8
    8- 10x10

     A model of Sinotruck 8x4 dump truck

    1 series - HOWO 7
    3 series - HOWO A7
    7 series - HOWO7 & A7
    8 series - HOWO 8, HINO engine

    A- EURO-II
    D- EURO-IV
    E- EURO-V
    F- EURO-VI

    ● CABIN CODE says what type of cabin the vehicle has.
    1- long cabin
    2- short cabin
    3- four door open cabin

    Now lets take an example code of ZZ4257N344A1. from this number we can tell the product is a Sinotruk HOWO Tractor Head, with a horsepower between 319 and 384 (370) and a 6x4 drive configuration.

    Interested in Sinotruk products?

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