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Monthly Archives: October 2020

  • Camamach Presents Efficient Low Cost Electric Vans | Shipping Worldwide

    Are there quality low cost electric commercial vans? Yes!

    The environment has become important to many countries and EV is the answer to reduce costs and become environmentally friendly.

    That is why we have seen recent success in the EV van that can carry 14 to 16 people

    With dimensions of 5995*1995*2650mm electric vans have ample space for people and goods

    Some of the van key features are:

    1. The van has a max. speed of 100 (km/h) which is more than enough for most countries’ public service vehicles.

    2. The van has a battery capacity 68KWH

    3. The battery type is the modern lithium manganate battery

    4. This gives it a maximum cruising range of 220 km per charge

    5. The drive mode is 4X2 and available in RHD or LHD (we can customize for your country!)

    6. The van has a power steering system and reverse radar!

    7. The interior has leather seats and all brand new.

    We can customize the interior for you to include more or less seats. Just let us know!


    Email :- [email protected]

    Website :- https://camachem.com/

    Whatsapp :- +86-131-2037-9271


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  • Looking for a Quality low cost backhoe loader ?

    Are you looking for a quality low cost backhoe loader?

    The WY878 is just that. With 8 ton operating weight, it is strong and can perform in many workplaces.

    It has 1 cubic meter bucket that is good for smaller jobs

    It has a loading capacity of 2500 kg – small and strong!

    It engine is turbocharging four-stroke with a power of 75KW/100HP to give boost you need at your work.

    It has a pilot joystick to allow driver better control


    We export backhoe loader and other construction equipment worldwide.

    For more information, visit us at: www.camamach.com For FREE quotation, email us at: [email protected]


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