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  • What is a Truck Head, and how to Buy a Truck Head?

    What is a Truck Head?

    Truck Head for Sale

    A truck head is a powerful vehicle that pulls heavy loads in containers, trailers, and tankers. The chassis, the heavy-duty engine, fuel tank, and all other components are enclosed in a relatively small box.

    Truck heads are equipped with driver comfort and safety features such as adjustable and heated seats, innovative locking systems, airbags, and other modern features like video monitors, music systems, and sleepers.

    Truck Head

    Truck Head Features

    Truck heads are in the big leagues of logistic transportation. The key features of the truck head for sale at Camamach are:

    Heavy-Duty Engine

    The available truck heads run on powerful diesel engines – they pull tons of weight after all. The engine's design and size also determine the truck head's pulling power and performance. A heavier truck head can haul heavier weights.

    Electrical System

    The truck heads are equipped with high-tech electrical systems that support long working durations and additional features on a truck head.

    We can offer additional security for the truck head’s headlights

    Sleepers/ Cabs

    The truck head driver covers countrywide distances in the cabin. Their ambiance is ergonomically designed to ensure optimal driving – thousands of dollars of cargo is dependent on them. That is why the truck heads have a built-in air-conditioned sleeper behind the driver's seat.

    Truck Head Uses

    Cargo Transportation

    Truck heads serve one primary purpose: to haul heavy cargo loads from one destination to another. They do so on containers or trailers with the help of powerful engines.

    Carrying Heavy Equipment

    They also carry construction equipment such as cement mixers or concrete pumps. 

    Truck Head Types

    Camamach has the best-branded truck heads available for you. The available models are:

    Truck Heads

    Where to Buy Truck Head?

    Camamach strives to offer the highest quality at the most affordable rates. If you require many truck heads, head over to heavy-duty trucks for sale.

    Which Countries Manufacture Truck Heads in Bulk?

    Truck heads, in a way, are running your country. They are the champions of land freight. It's only natural for their demand to rise. It has especially risen in developing countries.

    The biggest manufacturers of truck heads are China, Japan, Sweden, and the United States.

    Who are the top Chinese Manufacturers of truck heads?

    There are a lot of Chinese truck heads in the market. Camamach has done you favor picking out the top of the chain – that pass all testing parameters – OEMs. The brands available at Camamach are:

    Contact us now for detailed specifications, pricing, and videos on truck heads.

    What's more in the store?

    Camamach has more trucks for sale on Heavy Duty Trucks:

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    2. Trailer / Lowbed
    3. Dump Truck / Tripper for Sale
  • What is a Trailer/Lowbed, and how to Buy a Trailer/Lowbed?

    What is a Trailer/Lowbed?

    Trailer/Lowbed for Sale

    A low bed trailer is a transporter built for heavy, tall, and wide equipment. They provide the utmost stability and safety as hefty equipment also tends to be the most expensive.

    Low bed trailers are very versatile in their use and even comply with height restrictions despite the large equipment. They also have flatbed and low bed semi-trailer types to accommodate your different needs.

    Lowbed Trailer

    Trailer/Lowbed Features

    Lowbed trailers have several features offering different stability and safe levels. The key features of lowbed trailers at Camamach are:

    Detachable Gooseneck

    Lowbed trailers have detachable goosenecks, which allow easy loading of heavy and large equipment. The bed is detached from the truck, the equipment is loaded, and then it is reattached to the truck and lifted through hydraulics.

    Power Source

    Heavy-duty diesel engines haul Lowbed trailers.

    Landing Gear

    The landing gear supports the lowbed trailer after detachment from the truck. The load capacity of the landing gear must be considered before making a purchase.


    A Ramp moves the heavy equipment on the lowbed trailer. Having a longer ramp will make it easier to move the heavy load. You’ll either find a mechanical ramp or a hydraulic one. The hydraulic ones are more efficient but expensive.

    Trailer/Lowbed Uses

    Lowbed trailer is a versatile machine. Some common uses are:

    Heavy Vehicles

    Lowbed trailers are the heavy vehicles used to carry other heavy vehicles. They are regularly used to carry cars and trucks from factories to showrooms.

    Mining Machinery

    Lowbed trailers are amongst the few machines capable of hauling heavy mining machinery.

    Windmill Machinery

    Lowbed trailers are the only machines capable of carrying long and heavy wind turbines and blades.

    Similarly, anything falling under the category of heavy and long transports by lowbed trailers on land.


    Trailer/Lowbed Types

    Camamach only stocks the best of lowbed trailers and has many options for you. The stocked machines are:

    Flatbed Trailer

    Where to Buy Trailer/Lowbed?

    Camamach has every type of lowbed trailer in stock at reasonable prices. If you require some heavy shifters, click on this link for more details.

    Which Countries Manufacture Trailer/Lowbed in Bulk?

    Lowbed trailers are essential to moving all other heavy machinery. They fall under mandatory demands and have seen an increase in sales worldwide, especially the developing countries.

    Top countries to import lowbed trailers from include China, the United States, South Korea, and Canada.

    Who are the top Chinese Manufacturers of Trailer/Lowbed?

    China has many lowbed trailer producers, out of which Camamach selected the best OEMs for you after evaluating them on every metric. The brand at Camamach is the OEM Trailer/Lowbed.

    Contact us now for comprehensive descriptions, pricing, and videos of the products.

    What’s more in the store?

    Camamach has got a lot more trucks for sale in the Heavy Duty Trucks category, such as:

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    2. Dump Truck / Tripper for Sale
    3. Garbage Truck
  • What is a Cargo Truck, and how to Buy a Cargo Truck?

    What is a cargo truck?

    Cargo Truck for Sale

    Cargo trucks are transport vehicles for cargo that doesn’t require much space or horsepower to haul. It consists of a hauling truck with a cargo bed on its chassis. These trucks are the driving force behind many industrial sectors – literally.

    It is easy to initiate a trucking company business with a few cargo trucks, and they are a much better investment than cargo vans.

    Cargo Truck

    Cargo Truck Features

    Cargo Trucks operate in the minor leagues of road freight. The primary features of the stocked cargo trucks for sale at Camamach are:

    The Truck

    The cargo is hauled by a diesel engine truck with a cargo bed lying on its chassis. These trucks have much more mobility than truck heads carrying containers or trailers. What’s more, the room for more cargo makes it more ideal than smaller cargo vans which can neither haul great lengths nor load much cargo.

    Cargo Bed

    Cargo trucks have a long open cargo bed that can be stacked to a certain height making more loading space. These beds also come in handy when transporting cement or dirt on construction sites.


    Like truck heads, cargo trucks can also be equipped with air-conditioned sleepers for longer hauls.

    Cargo Truck Uses

    Cargo Transportation

    The primary purpose is to carry goods from one place to another. It does so with much better speed and mobility.

    Construction Sites

    Cargo trucks are also ideal on a construction site. They can carry bricks, cement, people, dirt, and heavy machinery.

    Animal Transport

    Moving livestock is also an observed use if the cargo bed walls are kept high. The open roof often keeps animals from panicking.

    Cargo Trucks Types

    Camamach takes pride in selling quality cargo trucks under your budget. The listed trucks are:

    Modified Cargo Truck

    Where to Buy Cargo Truck?

    Camamach has the best rates to offer in the market with no compromise on the quality. If you are looking for cargo trucks in bulk, go to this link for details on features and pricing.

    Which Countries Manufacture Cargo Trucks in Bulk?

    Cargo Trucks play a decent part in running the economy – making trade easier. That is why the developing world has been experiencing an increase in demand for these trucks.

    Top countries to import cargo trucks from include  China, Japan, the United States, and Canada.

    Who are the top Chinese Manufacturers of Cargo Trucks?

    There are several Chinese brands making cargo trucks.  Camamach has handpicked the best OEMs from the market based on extensive experience. The brands at Camamach are:

    Contact us now for detailed specifications, pricing, and videos on cargo trucks.

    What’s more in the store?

    Camamach has got a lot more trucks for sale in the Heavy Duty Trucks category, such as:

    1. Wrecker Truck
    2. Trailer / Lowbed
    3. Dump Truck / Tripper for Sale
  • What is a Cement Bulker, and how to Buy a Cement Bulker?

    What is a Cement Bulker?

    Cement Bulker for Sale

    Cement bulker is a cement transport truck capable of carrying large cement quantities from a manufacturer to a concrete batching plant. It eliminates cement storage bag usage for the silos of the plant by offering a much larger and convenient storage space.

    Cement Bulkers

    Cement Bulker Features

    A cement bulker isn’t just a storage vessel. It is engineered to carry heavy loads and give you faster loading and unloading of cement. Some key features of the bulkers available at Camamach are:

    The V shape Bulker

    If you look at the Bulker, you’ll notice that they aren’t like the even cylindrical petrol tankers. A concrete bulker has a V shape design – the lower center being the pointy end. The shape gives a slope to cement for exit through the bottom. The entire process is also assisted through controlled air pressure.

    Optimal Diesel Engine

    The cement bulker is equipped with an efficient diesel engine that also gives the air suspension system power.

    Spring Suspension

    Cement bulkers have state-of-the-art leaf spring suspension that provides stability for the heavy Bulker. The tires remain aligned throughout the machine’s journey through controlled height.

    Landing Gear

    Cement bulkers are also equipped with powerful landing gears that ensure stable loading and unloading of cement.

    Cement Bulker Uses

    Transporting Cement

    Cement bulkers’ primary purpose is to transport tons of cement to a concrete batching plant where concrete is prepared and sent off to construction sites on Cement Mixer Trucks.

    Large Storage Units

    Cement bulkers also act as temporary storage units for tons of cement before deployment to the silos. Using cement bags would increase the work effort and time.

    Cement Bulker Types

    Camamach has the highest quality cement bulkers in stock for you. The listed products include

    Cement Bulkers

    Where to Buy Cement Bulkers?

    Camamach puts the effort to stock competitively priced yet premium quality bulkers for sale. If you need bulk quantities of cement bulkers, visit  Cement Bulker for the details and pricing.

    Which Countries Manufacture Cement Bulkers in Bulk?

    Cement bulkers play a crucial role in cement’s journey to usable concrete. Their consumption has been on the rise – especially in the developing countries – as the world races for infrastructural development.

    The top manufacturing players in the game are China, France, and Switzerland.

    Who are the top Chinese Manufacturers of Cement Bulkers?

    China has many manufacturers of cement bulkers. Camamach has picked out the top OEMs for you after years’ worth of export experience. The brand available is:

    Contact us for detailed specifications, pricing, and videos of our products.

    What’s more in the store?

    Camamach has more concrete equipment for sale on  Cement and Concrete Machinery. Some of the products are:

    1. Cement Mixer Trucks
    2. Trailer Concrete Pump
    3. Concrete Batching Plant for Sale
  • What is a Concrete Batching Plant, and how to Buy a Concrete Batching Plant?

    What is a Concrete Batching Plant?

    Concrete batching plant  for Sale

    A concrete batching plant, also known as a batch plant, prepares concrete from various ingredients such as cement, water, and aggregate. It’s an ideal setup for construction projects demanding vast amounts of concrete.

    A typical batching plant consists of cement silos, aggregate batches, cement batches and bins, cement mixers, and cement bulkers. The equipment may vary with usage requirements.

    Batching Plant

    Concrete Batching Plant Features

    A batching plant isn’t merely a single machine. It comprises different equipment that gets the job done. Some key features are:

    Minimal Structures

    It’s hard-to-find land to set up an entire plant near the construction site, especially in highly urban locations. Thus, concrete batching plants are built with minimal and simple structures.


    Silo acts as a large storage container for the cement brought in through Cement Bulkers. They also have a screw conveyor located at the bottom to put cement in a weigh hopper.

    Air compressor

    Air compressors play an essential role in using the air and gas pressure for opening cylinders, feeders, gates, etc.

    Mixing Unit

    This is the central part of the entire plant. Its job is to mix all the right ingredients and then transfer the mixture to a concrete mixer truck which carries the concrete to the construction site in deployable form.

    Control System

    The control system controls the working of all the components and measures the batching plant’s ingredients.

    Concrete Batching Plant Uses

    Concrete batching plants play the most crucial part in the construction industry. They quite literally make the glue that holds everything. The primary use is:

    Consistent production of concrete

    If you are using a batching plant, you need large amounts of concrete in regular intervals. The batching plant makes sure everything is consistently being mixed – some aggregates need to stay in motion.

    Concrete Batching Plant Types

    Camamach has several high-quality options in batching plants. The available plants are:

    Batch Plant

    Where to Buy Concrete Batching Plant?

    If you need bulk quantities of Concrete Batching Plants, Camamach is what you’ve been looking for. We have the best batching plants stocked for you. So visit us at Concrete batching plant for sale to get the details and pricing.

    Which Countries Manufacture Concrete Batching Plants in Bulk?

    Concrete Batching Plants are crucial to construction. Their demand has consistently been increasing, mostly in developing countries.

    The plant’s major producers are China, Germany, Canada, and India.

    Who are the top Chinese Manufacturers of Concrete Batching Plants?

    There are a lot of Chinese companies making batching plants. Camamach, after years of experience in the equipment export industry, has selected top Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) for you. You can check the products here:

    Feel free to contact us for detailed descriptions, pricing, and videos.

    What’s more in the store?

    There is even more concrete equipment for Sale on  Cement and Concrete Machinery. Some include:

    1. Cement Mixer Trucks
    2. Trailer Concrete Pump
    3. Truck-mounted Concrete Pump
  • What is a Dump Truck and How to Buy a Dump Truck?

    What is a Dump Truck?

    Dump truck is used to aid in the transportation of large volumes of loose materials.

    A dump truck, also known as a dumper truck or tipper lorry is heavy equipment that aids in the transportation of large volumes of loose materials like sand, gravel, and demolition waste from construction sites.  This machinery has multiple uses in construction and mining sites and comes in three body styles; rectangle, semi-elliptical, and half-round.

    A Chinese Dump Truck that exported to Australia

    Dump Truck Features

    Below are the main features of dump trucks:

    1.      Dump Box

    This is one of the key features of a dump truck that makes it possible to lift and dump loads. This feature is powered by hydraulic rams and is hinged at the back.

    2.      Engine

    Dump truck engines usually have a power output of between 300 and 600 horsepower. Basically, the engine power will depend on the weight of the load you intend to carry.

    3.      Transmission

    Dump trucks can have a manual transmission or automatic transmission. The manual transmission provides numerous gear options that give more maneuverability. On the other hand, the automatic transmission does not have a wide range of gear and clutch options, making it less exhausting and ensures energy efficiency.

    Dump Truck Uses

    There are various forms of dump trucks, and the usage of the equipment depends on the form. Manufacturers worldwide use dump trucks for loading and offloading loose materials. Industries that commonly use dump trucks include;

    • Civil and mining projects
    • Construction projects
    • Railway projects

    A dump truck in operation
    A dump truck that made in China

    Dump Truck Types

    Different types of dump trucks vary in size and configuration. They include:                            

    1.      Standard Dump Truck

    This is a regular dump truck that is mostly used in the construction industry. It consists of a hydraulic ram, one axle on the front, and one or more on the rear. The biggest benefit of a standard dump truck is that it is very versatile and can do well on roads and off-road terrains.

    2.      Transfer Dump Truck

    Transfer dump trucks are designed to be pulled by a separate trailer, which also has a movable cargo container. Hence, this dump truck can carry a large volume of loads without compromising maneuverability.

    3.      Articulated Dump Trucks

    Also known as off-road dump trucks, these trucks are suitable for off-road situations or when you want to haul long distances on rough terrains. They are ideal for mining operations for hauling large amounts of aggregate. Designed with a hinge between the bed box and the cab, these trucks can carry up to 60 tons of loads.

    4.      Side Dump Truck

    As the name suggests, this dump truck unloads the material on either the right or side left of the truck, thanks to the hydraulic rams. It comprises of a 2-axle semi-trailer being pulled by a 3-axle tractor. These trucks have a high load capacity and unload quickly because they tilt to the side.

    Where to Buy Dump Truck

    If you are looking to purchase a dump truck, consider importing one directly from the manufacturer. This way, you can be assured of high-quality trucks at affordable prices. Additionally, you will be issued with certifications for your purchase.

    Alternatively, you can seek the help of a dealership. A good dealership will help you source the right dump truck for your needs from the manufacturer.

    Camamach is renowned for selling high-quality dump trucks at competitive prices. If you want to buy in bulk, we will help you find the most suitable dump trucks for your project. Along with dump trucks, we also sell and export other construction equipment such as:

    If you require bulk quantities of dump trucks, contact us today for dump truck details and pricing on our website and we will get back to you promptly. You can also email us at [email protected] or send us a message at +86-131-2037-9271 for a free quote.

    Which Countries Manufacture Dump Trucks in Bulk?

    The main producers of dump trucks are China. There is no denying that the demand for dump trucks has increased drastically across the world, especially in developing countries.

    Who are the Top Chinese Manufacturers of Dump Truck?

    There are many companies in China that manufacture dump trucks. Through years of experience in factory auditing, the top-leading dump truck manufacturers in China include:

    • XCMG Motor Graders
    •  SANY Motor Graders
    • Liugong Motor Graders

    Here at Camamach, we have many other types of heavy-duty trucks for sale such as:

  • All About Garbage Trucks and How to Buy Garbage Trucks

    Are you or your company in the market for a new garbage truck? If you are, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’re going to explore all things garbage trucks, their features, and where you can get the best prices for them.

    What is a Garbage Truck?

    The back of garbage truck made by Sinotruk

    Garbage trucks are heavy equipment that is specifically built to collect and transport solid waste to a waste treatment facility; such as a recycling center or landfill. Garbage trucks are commonly seen in large urban areas.

    The front of garbage truck made by Sinotruk

    Garbage Truck Features

    Here are the main features of a garbage truck:

    Driving Components

    The heart of any garbage truck is its basic driving parts. These include the engine, frame, and wheels. Because garbage trucks are designed to take a heavy load, all of these parts need to be heavy-duty.

    • Diesel Engines
    • Driver Cab
    • Hoppers
    • Packer Blade

    Garbage Truck Uses

    The main usage of garbage trucks is to collect the waste every household produces in an urban area. This could be a city or a small town.

    Garbage trucks typically operate during late and early hours of the day. This is so that people can accumulate their waste and throw it all out at the end of the day.

    A full picture of Sinotruk gargage truck

    Garbage Truck Types

    There are plenty of types of garbage trucks you can find in your city. Let’s look at some of them.

    Front Loader

    Front loader-type garbage trucks are the biggest garbage trucks you can find. Their containers, also known as “dumpsters” are big enough that they can collect large industrial waste.

    Side Loader

    The side loader garbage truck may not be suited for collecting industrial waste, but they are perfect for collecting everyday household waste. There are two variants of the side loader, the automatic and manual. The automatic variant uses a robot arm to load the garbage.

    Rear Loader

    The rear loader garbage truck is perfect for both residential and commercial garbage collecting. The rear loader is the most versatile garbage collector due to its large opening at the back.   

    Roll Off

    If you want to collect and transport a huge amount of commercial waste, the roll-off truck is one of the best choices and most popular in the industry. They have huge roll-off containers that can be dropped at your specified location.

    Where to Buy Garbage Trucks?

    If you live in a major city, you can check the dealer in your area. However, if you want to get the best bang for your buck, you should import garbage trucks straight from the manufacturers.

    This way, you can ensure that you’ll have certifications on your garbage trucks. If you plan on buying in bulk, you can contact us on our website. We have all the information you need and the best deals on garbage trucks.

    Which Countries Manufacture Garbage Trucks in Bulk?

    As with plenty of other heavy machinery, China is the number one manufacturer of heavy-duty garbage trucks. There are plenty of Chinese companies that manufacture garbage trucks, but the top players of the industry are Sinotruk Group and Lovol Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.

    Garbage Truck Price

     The price of a garbage truck will depend on its condition and type. A brand new garbage truck can range between $150,000 up to $350,000.

    At Camamach, we ensure that you receive the highest quality equipment at competitive prices. You will find that our garbage trucks are reliable and will last you for years to come.

  • What is a Trailer Concrete Pump, and How to buy a Trailer Concrete Pump?

    What is a Trailer Concrete Pump?

    Trailer concrete pump

    The trailer concrete pump is a version of a concrete pumping machine used on small-scale construction sites. It takes concrete from a concrete mixer at one piston and pumps it out the other.

    Concrete pumps have become the modern solution to concrete transferring done through cranes and lifts.  They maintain the deployable form of concrete. Camamach has both diesel engines and electric trailer concrete pumps.

    Concrete pumping

    Trailer Concrete Pump Features

    The trailer concrete pump works with a simple mechanism. The standard features include:

    The Hydraulics System

    The diesel engine and electric concrete pumps power the hydraulics that transfers the pressure-controlled concrete to the site – horizontally and vertically. The machines also include electrohydraulic buffering features filters the impurities from concrete.

    Static Pumping

    The trailer concrete pump's advantage is that with a long pipeline attached to its outlet, it does not need to move to the deployment site. This feature makes it ideal for tunnel, residential, and high building work.

    Power Source

    A trailer concrete pump is either run by a powerful diesel engine or an electric battery.

    Trailer Concrete Pump Uses

    Some of the uses are:

    Residential Work

    The small size of trailer concrete pumps makes them ideal for residential work. They can store and pump enough amount of concrete from a distance.

    Tunnel Work

    Since trailer concrete pumps can remain static, they can pump concrete in tunnel construction from the outside, saving both time and space.

    High Rise Work

    Unlike boom concrete pumps, a powerful enough concrete pump can transfer concrete up great heights via a long pipeline.

    Trailer Concrete Pump Types

    All Camamach, you have multiple options in trailer concrete pump for sale:

    Trailer Concrete pump for sale

    Where to Buy Trailer Concrete Pump?

    Camamach has the best-priced trailer concrete pumps from the top manufacturers in stock for you. If you are looking to buy this product in bulk, contact us at Trailer Concrete Pump.

    Which Countries Manufacture Trailer Concrete Pump in Bulk?

    Trailer concrete pump plays an instrumental role in transferring deployable concrete. The world, especially the developing world, is experiencing a remarkable increase in its consumption.

    The concrete machine is manufactured the most in China, Germany, and India

    Who are the top Chinese Manufacturers of Trailer Concrete Pump?

    China has several trailer concrete pump manufacturers. We at Camamach, with years of factory auditing, supplier development, sales services, and verifying experience, kept top Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) as our trailer concrete equipment suppliers. Contact us now for all the details on this product. The exclusive brand at Camamach is:

    What’s more in the store?

    Here at Camamach, we have other cement and concrete machinery for sale as well:

    1. Concrete batching Plant for Sale
    2. Cement Mixer Trucks
    3. Cement Bulker
  • What is a Truck-mounted Concrete Pump, and How to buy a Truck-mounted Concrete Pump?

    What is a Truck-mounted Concrete Pump?

    truck-mounted concrete pump

    A truck-mounted concrete pump, also known as truck-mounted mobile, has a concrete pump with a boom for placement attached to the truck’s frame. This concrete machine can pump concrete anywhere within the range of the boom.

    The boom’s variable reach saves a significant amount of human labor and time. The truck-mounted concrete pumps are popular in mega construction projects such as stadiums and highways.

    Truck-mounted boom concrete pump

    Truck-mounted Concrete Pump Features

    The standard features include:

    The Hydraulics System

    The truck-mounted concrete pumps have innovative hydraulic systems that can pump concrete at high and low pressure in any direction the boom navigates. The hydraulics can also have smart filtering mechanisms to ensure pure concrete deployment.

    The Boom

    The boom mounts the back of the track and is attached to the pumping line. It acts as a robotic arm – manually controlled – that aids in concrete deployment at places that would otherwise require a lot of human labor. The boom is made of strong alloy steel and passes harsh testing before deployment.

    The Truck

    The entire concrete pumping system either rides the chassis of a high-performance truck or is attached to the truck as a trailer.

    Truck-mounted Concrete Pump Uses

    The most common uses of truck-mounted concrete pumps include:

    Large Construction Site

    Truck-mounted concrete pumps are capable of pumping high concrete volumes at variable positions. They are best suited for large-scale construction sites where human labor is dangerous – restricted access – and time-consuming.


    Truck-mounted concrete pumps can be used for highway projects with huge surface areas. They are also ideal for mega-concrete bridge construction.

    Truck-mounted Concrete Pump Types

    Camamach brings you multiple high branded options in concrete pump truck for sale:

    Truck-mounted Concrete pump for sale

    Where to Buy Truck-mounted Concrete Pump?

    If you are looking to buy bulks of this heavy equipment, you have come to the right place. Camamach has the best-priced truck-mounted concrete pumps in many versions.

    Which Countries Manufacture Truck-mounted Concrete Pump in Bulk?

    The consumption of truck-mounted concrete pumps has been rising worldwide, notably in developing countries.

    The top manufacturers include China, Germany, and Italy.

    Who are the top Chinese Manufacturers of Truck-mounted Concrete Pump?

    You’ll find a lot of Chinese options for Truck-mounted concrete pumps, but only at Camamach, you’ll have tried and tested companies and products. We have selected the top-rated manufacturers for you. The available brands for truck-mounted concrete pumps are:

    concrete truck for sale
    Camamach has XCMG Truck Mounted Concrete Pump
    buy concrete truck
    Camamach has XCMG Truck Mounted Concrete Pump
    concrete truck for sale
    Camamach has XCMG Truck Mounted Concrete Pump
    buy concrete truck
    Camamach has XCMG Truck Mounted Concrete Pump
    concrete truck for sale
    Camamach has XCMG Truck Mounted Concrete Pump

    What’s more in the store?

    Camamach also stocks other cement and concrete machinery for sale. Some of which are

    1. Concrete batching Plant for Sale
    2. Trailer Concrete Pump
    3. Cement Bulker
  • What are Tower Cranes, and how to buy Tower Cranes?

    What are Tower Cranes?

    Cranes for Sale

    Tower cranes are the massive vertical structures used for heavy lifting and lowering in the construction industry. They are mounted at fixed positions on construction sites with horizontal booms capable of turning 360 degrees.

    Heavy Lifting Machinery

    Tower Crane Features

    There are several types of tower cranes – as you'll see below. However, they all have common features. The most prominent of them are:

    The Mast

    The mast is the main structure of the lifting machine. It is that long skeleton of trussed steel that supports the entire tower crane – the tower.

    The Slewing Unit

    The slewing unit is the rotatable unit located at the top of the mast between the machine's horizontal and vertical steel skeletons.

    The Jib

    The Jib is the extended arm of the tower crane equipped with a moving trolly which carries the lifting hook.

    The Operator's Cabin

    The operator's cabin is located above the slewing unit at the mast and the Jib intersection point. The strategic location allows the operator with the machine's most optimal view. It contains an anemometer, an indicator system, and other controls.

    The Hoist Winch

    This part contains all the equipment such as a hoist rope, drum, motor, and gearbox used in the carried load's vertical and horizontal movements.

    The Hook

    On the lower side of the Jib, the Hook is used to lift heavy loads in a tower crane.

    Tower Crane Uses

    Uses of construction cranes depend on tower and Jib types as well as the mounting. Some of the popular uses include:

    Dam Construction

    Dam construction is a hectic task that demands heavy lifting of cement and other dam material in a brief window of time. A minimum of a 5-ton tower crane is mandatory in the process.

    Buildings Construction

    Tower cranes are the machines responsible for constructing buildings with great heights. They don't just carry heavy equipment up the skyscrapers but also act as building-to-building transport in case of multiple megastructures.

    Bridge Construction

    Constructing bridges is one of the most expensive uses of tower cranes. They lift heavy steel parts that hold the concrete bridge structure.

    Tower Crane Types

    Camamach has several types of cranes to offer you. The available types of cranes for sale are:

    Construction Crane

    Where to Buy Tower Cranes?

    If you require bulk quantities of this equipment, contact us for tower cranes details and pricing on our website at Tower Cranes. Over the years, we have maintained a stellar reputation in being the top-quality suppliers of lifting machinery.

    Which Countries Manufacture Tower Cranes in Bulk?

    Consumption of tower cranes has dramatically increased worldwide, especially in developing countries.

    Major producers are China, the UAE, Germany, and France.  

    Who are the top Chinese Manufacturers of Tower Cranes?

    Many companies in China manufacture Tower cranes. Through years of experience in factory auditing, supplier development, testing, and after-sales service, Camamach has chosen top local Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) of tower cranes as suppliers. We are confident to offer you the latest tower cranes. Feel free to contact us for specifications, pricing, and videos of this product.

    We have the following brands:

    What's more in the store?

    Here at Camamach, we have many other types of lifting machinery for sale, such as:

    1. All Terrain Crane
    2. Crawler Crane
    3. Fork Lift

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