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5 Must-Know Tips to Choose the Best Cement Bulker - Must check #3

What is a Cement Bulker?

Cement Bulker for Sale

Cement bulker is a cement transport truck capable of carrying large cement quantities from a manufacturer to a concrete batching plant. It eliminates cement storage bag usage for the silos of the plant by offering a much larger and convenient storage space.

Cement Bulkers

Cement Bulker Features

A cement bulker isn’t just a storage vessel. It is engineered to carry heavy loads and give you faster loading and unloading of cement. Some key features of the bulkers available at Camamach are:

The V shape Bulker

If you look at the Bulker, you’ll notice that they aren’t like the even cylindrical petrol tankers. A concrete bulker has a V shape design – the lower center being the pointy end. The shape gives a slope to cement for exit through the bottom. The entire process is also assisted through controlled air pressure.

Optimal Diesel Engine

The cement bulker is equipped with an efficient diesel engine that also gives the air suspension system power.

Spring Suspension

Cement bulkers have state-of-the-art leaf spring suspension that provides stability for the heavy Bulker. The tires remain aligned throughout the machine’s journey through controlled height.

Landing Gear

Cement bulkers are also equipped with powerful landing gears that ensure stable loading and unloading of cement.

Cement Bulker Uses

Transporting Cement

Cement bulkers’ primary purpose is to transport tons of cement to a concrete batching plant where concrete is prepared and sent off to construction sites on Cement Mixer Trucks.

Large Storage Units

Cement bulkers also act as temporary storage units for tons of cement before deployment to the silos. Using cement bags would increase the work effort and time.

Cement Bulker Types

Camamach has the highest quality cement bulkers in stock for you. The listed products include


Cement Bulkers

Where to Buy Cement Bulkers?

Camamach puts the effort to stock competitively priced yet premium quality bulkers for sale. If you need bulk quantities of cement bulkers, visit  Cement Bulker for the details and pricing.

Which Countries Manufacture Cement Bulkers in Bulk?

Cement bulkers play a crucial role in cement’s journey to usable concrete. Their consumption has been on the rise – especially in the developing countries – as the world races for infrastructural development.

The top manufacturing players in the game are China, France, and Switzerland.

Who are the top Chinese Manufacturers of Cement Bulkers?

China has many manufacturers of cement bulkers. Camamach has picked out the top OEMs for you after years’ worth of export experience. The brand available is:


Contact us for detailed specifications, pricing, and videos of our products.

What’s more in the store?

Camamach has more concrete equipment for sale on  Cement and Concrete Machinery. Some of the products are:

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