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Monthly Archives: March 2020

  • 5 Must-Know Tips to Buy Cement Bulker - #3 is most important



    Cement bulker specifications:

    1. Size and Volume

    There are different bulkers for sale in the market, and you can choose the size of the truck or the amount of the cement powder you wish to load. If you are going for large trucks, then they will typically have a capacity ranging from 5,500 gallons can go up to 11,600 gallons. Consider the amount of cement you would like to transport to choose the right cement bulker.

    2. Material Type


    3. Painting


    4. Value for money

    Like any other truck you consider to buy, even for a cement bulker truck, think about the budget. While cement bulker trucks may require an outlay of cash, it's mostly going to be a one-time investment. There are different ranges available for the cement truck. Think about the material the truck is made of and the model and buy one after having a word with the seller. 


    5. Manufacturer background

    When you buy a cement bulker from a renowned company, you are guaranteed a quality cement bulker truck that is well-built and is equipped with branded tires, suspension, brakes, and chassis. There will be some standard accessories that will come along, for example, mounting space, control panel, one plate toolbox, one ladder, one non-slip floor, one security valve set, one air pressure gauge, and more.


    No matter what type of cement bulker you buy, make sure that you are buying it from the top company to receive the best quality cement bulker truck that will last longer and is made of high-standard material. 
    At Camamach, we have cement bulkers for sale.

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  • 5 Key Tips Before Buying Zoomline Tower Crane (2 Bonus Tips!)

    There is no doubt that zoomlion tower cranes play a crucial role in manufacturing and construction sites. They are widely used to move and lift heavy equipment and objects that cannot be lifted through another machine. Besides, such cranes are quite proficient in reaching different heights. It can be said that in a construction site, they are inevitable. Are you about to select a Zoomlion tower crane for your construction site? To ensure that you are choosing a suitable crane, below are the important things you need to consider. 

    Zoomlion Tower crane capacity and features

    Some experts have stated that the selection of a crane for a building greatly depends on different factors. A typical factor that one should consider is the type of construction technologies used in the crane. There can be a slip, precast, and conventional formwork. This will demonstrate the crane’s capacity along with care types. Make sure the crane has precise, as well as electrical motion control. 

    For example, the Zoomlion TC5013 tower crane comes equipped with different operation modes. It can be used in multiple forms. Besides, it has a PLC electrical control system to offer maximum safety and reliability.  

    Understand the basic crane requirements

    Talking about basic requirements, the list covers the height of lift, duty class, capacity, and span. Besides, don’t forget to consider the working environment conditions, for example, the temperature. The tower crane needs to cover some horizontal distances to pick up the things. There are some major factors, such as support structure, counterweight, and boom’s stability will play a critical role. 

    If you are looking for a crane that can offer 1600 t.m lifting moment, 5.77 t of hosting capacity, and 10t of lifting capacity, then you can go for Zoomlion TC5013 tower crane. The crane comes with frequency-controlled speed regulation. 

    Known tower crane brands versus OEM

    The selection of the tower crane suppliers should be made so that you can ensure a safe and reliable tower crane along with sufficient services throughout the country. You should look at the track record of the manufacturer and make sure that it can offer adequate after-sales services. This way, you can keep your tower crane running smoothly.  

    Assess the requirement for additional crane features

    What type of additional features do you want? Some cranes come equipped with ASR, ESR variable hosting speeds, radio frequency remote control, target positioning, and more. All such features can greatly enhance the productivity and performance of the tower crane. For instance, the Zoomlion TC5013 tower crane comes with stepless speed regulation, which is an advanced solution. It enables the crane to operate with slewing as well as trolleying mechanism. The users will enjoy a reliable operation. 

    Cost and pricing

    Cost is the most crucial thing that you should consider in this. If you are working on a temporary construction project, it will be better for you to bring a Zoomlion tower crane on lease. However, if you are looking for a long-term investment, then you buy a crane. 

    Buy Zoomlion Tower Cranes

    Camamach supplies various construction equipment such as the tower crane. We are leading suppliers to various leading construction and mining companies worldwide.  Our focus is on getting you the proper equipment and supplies that help you undertake your work while having some cost savings.

    How can we help you with your equipment/parts requirements?

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