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  • Top 3 Excavators You Need for Your Projects - Ultimate Guide

    What is an Excavator?

    The excavator, also known as a digger, is a type of heavy construction equipment that comes in different sizes and shapes for diversified uses. It is ideal for digging up earth and lifting away large materials and a must have for any construction project. Excavators are used in many industries and worksites, including agriculture, road construction, building construction and landscaping!

    With so many available options for excavators, we’ve made this blog to help you decide which are the top excavators you need for your construction project! We've ranked this based on quality, value for money, size and versatility so you can understand each one and determine which is the best for your construction needs.

    1.      XCMG XE740C 45-Ton Excavator | Top Excavators

    XCMG XE470C – XCMG Excavator for Sale
    This is a 45-Ton XE740C from XCMG, one of the many excavators for sale from Camamach.

    The XE740C 45-Ton large sized excavator by XCMG is known for its ability to meet any construction related task. Thanks to its hydraulic technology, it has the power to confidently be used in any mining and other earthwork related projects, carrying a bucket capacity of up to 2.5m3.

    In addition to its power, it has very low consumption for a 46,100kg excavator, making it efficient and reliable. XCMG is known for the durability of its machines and specialises in making construction equipment used in rough terrain, making this one of the best choices for an excavator! 

    This takes our number one spot as you can rely on this excavator to handle all of your earth moving project needs. With the XCMG XE740C 45-Ton Excavator, you get power, quality and value all in one excavator! Outside of being customisable, its advanced design includes:

    • Stability
    • Durability
    • Reduced emissions

    At Camamach, we have many different types of excavators which are perfect for your construction equipment needs! Have a look here to see where you can buy excavators.

    2.      SANY SY235C-Tier 4i 25-Ton Excavator | Top Excavators

    SANY SY235C – SANY Excavator for Sale
    This is a 25-Ton SY235C from SANY, one of the many excavators for sale from Camamach.

    The SY2335C medium sized excavator by SANY is known for its high efficiency and low consumption characteristics. This excavator not only features SANY’s reputable safety features, but can also be customised to your specific needs! With its faster than normal working speed with an operating weight of 25300kg, it improves productivity. In combination with its 1.2m3 bucket weight capacity, it is the perfect fit for any mid-scale construction projects.

    We’ve put this at number two on the top excavators list as it not only carries a powerful engine that increases productivity and speed, but it also has SANY’s advanced technology which reduces the need for frequent maintenance. It’s the perfect combination between customisability without compromise! At Camamach, we have many different types of excavators which are perfect for your construction equipment needs! Have a look here to see where you can buy excavators.

    3.      XCMG XE15U 2-Ton Mini Excavator | Top Excavators

    XCMG XE15U – XCMG 2-Ton Mini Excavator for Sale
    This is a 2-Ton XE15U from XCMG, one of the many excavators for sale from Camamach.

    The XE15U mini excavator by XCMG is a heavy construction excavator which is both speedy and sturdy. The main role of this model is to work in smaller environments such as construction sites while still delivering on lifting away large materials.

    The XE15U dimensions are as follows:

    • Operating weight of 1795kg
    • Bucket weight capacity of 0.43 m3

    We’ve put this at number three on the top excavators list as it delivers everything you need for small scale projects. It’s compactness is especially useful for projects on farms, small construction sites and any site where operating weight needs to be considered.

    At Camamach, we have many different types of excavators which are perfect for your construction equipment needs! Have a look here to see where you can buy excavators.

    What is the best excavator for your construction projects?

    Your construction and earth moving project scope will determine the type of construction equipment needed. These excavators can all serve the primary function of earth moving and lifting away large materials but they each specialise in their own functions. 

    One thing to consider when buying an excavator is the operating weight, which depends on the scale of your project. If your construction site is one that relies on being light but still requires power, then the XCMG XE15U Mini excavator is the better choice. However, if you require an excavator that doesn’t have any drawbacks and gives you the maximum power for value, then the XCMG XE740C excavator would be better for you.

    If you’re still unsure about what excavator is best for you, then ask an expert at Camamach!

    Where to buy Excavators? 

    Here at Camamach, we offer a wide selection of excavators and other premium construction equipment for sale at affordable prices. We provide a simple ordering procedure and guarantee exceptional customer service throughout the process. We export worldwide, so you can contact us for a FREE quotation today via email [email protected] or send a message on WhatsApp for a fast response at +86-131-2037-9271. Feel free to check out our blogs to learn more about excavators, and other construction equipment!

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)About Bulldozers

    1. How does a bulldozer work?


    Bulldozers are a type of heavy-machinery equipment that is designed to push the earth materials. Bulldozers have many different tasks and uses, ranging from the construction of roads to mining. Different bulldozer models have different special features for specific construction operation needs

    2. How can I manage the logistical details for buying a bulldozer?


    We will consult you when the time comes to reviewing the specifics of the logistical arrangement for your bulldozer order. For any further questions about specific shipping protocols regarding bulldozers, please connect with us via email at [email protected] or send a message on WhatsApp for a fast response +86-131-2037-9271.

    3. Where would I find a bulldozer?


    We at Camamach source bulldozers directly from reputable manufacturing brands and have them shipped directly to YOU! We have years of experience in the bulldozer industry and prioritize your order in a time and cost-friendly manner. If you have any further questions about our manufacturing plants or how you can buy heavy equipment from us, please send us a message via the contact us page.

    4. What is the typical response time for a bulldozer inquiry?


    We at Camamach take pride in our efficiency and dependability. A sales representative will reach out to you within 24 hours from submission to discuss your bulldozer quotation.


    5. Can I order bulldozers in bulk in small quantities?


    Yes! Camamach is experienced at managing both bulk and small orders for bulldozers and other heavy machinery equipment.


    6. How do I choose the right bulldozer?


    We provide an in-depth description and analysis based on the specifications of the specific bulldozer model, along with details about the bulldozer’s brand. This information can be found on the specific product page of the bulldozer model you are interested in.


    7. Can bulldozer be shipped to my country?


    Most likely, yes! Camamach can ship your bulldozer order to you if we serve your country. We ship to many countries and regions all around the world and typically ship to the largest port of the country unless otherwise specified. The countries we export to can be found on our countries served page.


    8. How do I choose an bulldozer brand or manufacturer?


    It is important to choose the right bulldozer manufacturer before you send an order request. At Camamach, we only partner with well-known construction equipment manufacturers. We provide a range of different bulldozer models from influential Chinese brands including Shantui and HBXG. Find out which bulldozer manufacturers we work with on our bulldozer product page.


    9. What forms of payment are accepted for international bulldozer orders?


    Payment for international bulldozer orders is typically accepted in USD currency. Accepted payment methods include international wire transfer, letter of credit, and telegraphic transfer (t/t). Learn more details about our payment process on our terms of sale page.


    10. Are bulldozers and other types of machinery cargo insured in transit?


    In most cases, we only cover all risks for covered products. It is the discretion of the buyer to decide whether or not to pay an additional risk premium for their shipment of bulldozers. Learn more details about insurance on our terms of sale page.


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