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Overview of Sany Equipment and How to buy Sany products?

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SANY Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. Quick Facts:

  • Location: Changsha, Hunan, China
  • Founded: 1986
  • CEO & Chairman: Mr. Liang Wengen; once the richest man in mainland China with a net worth of $8 billion US dollars in 2011
  • Categories of Specialization includes:
    • Lifting Machinery
    • Road Construction Machine
    • Earth Moving Equipment
    • Heavy Duty Trucks
    • Agriculture equipment
  • Market Position:
    • Third largest heavy equipment manufacturer in the world.
    • First Chinese industry that entered FT Global 500
    • Ranked No.1 in the world for concrete machinery
    • Around 90,000 employees globally
SANY 100-ton Lifting Capacity All-terrain Crane for sale at Camamach.

How is Sany Quality?

Sany has been in the manufacturing industry for many years, allowing them to advance to become one of China’s top machinery manufacturing companies. With over 35 years in the industry, Sany has demonstrated numerous times the high-quality characteristics of their equipment. These achievements include:

  • The first Chinese construction equipment manufacturer to enter the FT Global 500 List
  • First place ranking for its concrete machinery
  • Recognized as the third-largest construction machinery manufacturer in the world

Sany has been a leading and well-known machine manufacturer in China for years and many companies trust Sany to provide them with exceptional equipment.

What is Sany known for?

Sany has a vast selection of diverse products; some of their products are very well-known from all around the world. SANY concrete machines are regarded as being the best in the world, with many of their concrete machines ranking #1 globally. Aside from their famous concrete machinery, Sany is also very well-known their:

  • Excavators
  • Cranes
  • Wheel loaders
  • Road Machinery
  • And much more

Sany equipment is used in many nations all around the globe; from Sany Canada to Sany South Africa, the manufacturer is emerging to become a serious global competitor in the heavy machinery industry.

What is SANY's Global Presence

SANY Group is now an international player in heavy machinery and SANY equipment can be found in many countries of the world. 

  • That presence spreads from Sany Canada to Sany South Africa and so on. Nevertheless, this is only the first step on their way up to world-wide domination. 
  • The phenomenal development that transformed SANY Group into a reputable brand can be attributed to its high sales turnover that amounts to US$ 21,000 million (Kazanskiy et al., 2022). 
  • Their three listed companies, plus their operations through over one hundred forty countries, make this success even stronger. 

However, SANY group, through its focus on innovation and technology development has established R&D and manufacturing bases across major countries like India, Brazil, Germany, and United States of America (USA) These modern plants not only promote their expansion, but also generate revenues on construction activities around the world. 

Therefore with SANY UK & Ireland joining the vast array of SANY firms, it is clear that indeed SANY group in expanding globally very fast and thus it is time for all to watch out as they are here to stay.

What Are Some Common Types of Sany Equipment?

SANY Truck Crane

  • A truck crane, or commonly referred to as a mobile crane, is a form of crane that is mounted on the back of a truck. This increases the crane’s mobility which makes it very easy and convenient to use for those who perform their construction projects or tasks on the move. Learn more details about truck cranes.
SANY STC250 – SANY Truck Crane for Sale

SANY Crawler Crane

  • A crawler crane is a type of mobile crane that has a boom fitted on an undercarriage with a set of crawler tracks on the carrier. Crawler cranes are especially useful for lifting heavy items of materials with maximum stability due to using tracks instead of wheels. They are typically used for large-scale commercial construction projects.
SANY SCC550TB – SANY Crawler Crane for Sale

SANY Wheel Loader

  • A wheel loader is a very commonly used construction equipment that is designed to transport heavy items and materials. They are typically used for mining, road construction, building construction, and agricultural operations.
SANY SYL956H – SANY Wheel Loader for Sale

SANY All-Terrain Crane

  • An all-terrain crane is a type of crane designed to be capable performing tasks under a variety of different environments, hence the name, all-terrain crane. All-terrain cranes are similar to a truck crane and a crawler crane and are used for the same tasks but are more agile and mobile.
SANY SAC1000 – SANY All-terrain Crane for Sale

SANY Excavators

  • An excavator is a common type of earth moving equipment that is designed to dig and excavate raw materials and items in large quantities. It consists of a boom, a dipper, a bucket, and a cab which revolves on a rotating platform, providing maximum maneuverability. The common task of excavating soil and other debris makes excavators a vital component towards any construction operation. Learn more details about excavators.
SANY SY135C – SANY Excavator for Sale

SANY Truck-Mounted Concrete Pump

  • A truck-mounted concrete pump is a type of concrete pump that is mounted on the back of a truck or carrier and uses a cylinder hydraulic pump to evenly pump out liquid concrete. The truck-mounted concrete pump is very useful for saving time and labour for road paving projects. Learn more details about truck-mounted concrete pumps.
SANY SYG5360THB 49– SANY Truck-mounted Concrete Pump for Sale

SANY Trailer Concrete Pump

  • A trailer mounted concrete pump is a type of concrete pump that is usually installed on a single axle or multiple axle trailer and pumps concrete at high pressure. These trailers are attached to a suitable vehicle like a truck or another type of carrier and delivered to the construction sites. These concrete pumps are also known as stationary or static concrete pumps. Learn more details about trailer concrete pumps.
SANY HBT6016C-5S – SANY Trailer Concrete Pump for Sale

SANY Crane Spare Parts

Although Sany manufacturers a diverse selection of heavy construction equipment, they primarily specialize in the manufacturing of different types of cranes. Sany cranes have become very popular and widely used in many construction projects around the world. This is why Sany offers a wide selection of crane spare parts; to help maintain and fix Sany equipment easily and with low-cost. Learn more details about spare parts.

Heavy Equipment Spare Parts from Camamach – SANY Spare Parts for Sale

What are the Most Popular Sany Products?

Sany has developed some very successful and popular products over their years in the industry. As Sany continues to strengthen and innovate their machinery equipment, their selection of popular product models will only continue to expand. Here is a list of popular Sany products:

Popular Truck Cranes – SANY STC250 / SANY STC500

  • The SANY STC250 and SANY STC500 are popular models in the SANY truck crane series. They possess a new and improved boom system and chassis for better overall performance. These truck cranes are durable, efficient, and definitely one of the best truck cranes out there in the market for the price point.
Truck Crane from SANY - SANY STC250 for Sale
Truck Crane from SANY - SANY STC500 for Sale

Popular All Terrain Crane – SANY SAC1000

  • The SANY SAC1000 is a popular model in the SANY all-terrain crane series. The SAC1000 has a maximum lifting capacity of 100 tons and has great mobility, efficiency, and durability; important characteristics for a quality all-terrain crane.
Buy All-terrain Crane from SANY – SANY SAC1000 for Sale

Popular Excavators – SANY SY35U / SANY SY155W / SANY SY60C

  • The SANY SY35U, SANY SY155W, and SANY SY60C are very popular models in the SANY excavator series. Excavators from SANY are used for projects all around the world; they are greatly admired for their efficiency and high-quality characteristics. These SANY models all have different specifications and excel in different types of projects.
Buy Mini Excavator from SANY – SANY SY35U for Sale
Buy Wheel Excavator from SANY – SANY SY155W for Sale
Buy Excavator from SANY – SANY SY60C for Sale

Popular Wheel Loader – SANY SW405K

  • The SANY SW405K wheel loader is a popular model in the SANY wheel loader series. It is designed to take on the toughest work and excel in harsh conditions of the construction environment.
Buy Wheel Loader from SANY – SANY SW405K for Sale

Popular Trailer Concrete Pumps – SANY HBT5008C-5S / SANY HBT6006A-5 / SANY HBT6016C-5S

  • The SANY HBT5008C-5S, SANY HBT6006A-5, and SANY HBT6016C-5S are popular models in the SANY trailer concrete pump series. The SANY HBT5008C-5S and HBT6016C-5S are powered with diesel whereas the SANY HBT6006A-5 is fully electric. These trailer concrete pumps are truly unique compared to the pumps manufactured from other brands; especially when factoring in quality to price ratio.
Buy Trailer Concrete Pump by SANY – SANY HBT5008C-5s for Sale
Buy Electric Trailer Concrete Pump by SANY – SANY HBT6006A-5 for Sale
Buy Diesel Trailer Concrete Pump by SANY – SANY HBT601C-5S for Sale

Popular Crawler Cranes – SANY SCC550A / SANY SCC550TB

  • The SANY SCC550A and SANY SCC550TB are popular models in the SANY crawler crane series. Both of these crawler crane models have a 55-ton maximum lifting capacity but are different in the sense that the SANY SCC550TB is newer and has updated features. The SANY SC550A is an older generation of the SCC550 crawler crane series but is still very popular, especially for its low price point compared to the newer models.
Buy Crawler Cranes by SANY – SANY SCC550A for Sale
Buy Crawler Cranes by SANY – SANY SCC550TB for Sale

What are the Costs of Sany Products?

What is the Typical Cost of a Truck Crane for Sale?

  • The typical SANY truck crane featured through Camamach ranges from $134,828 - $195,800 USD. The price will vary depending on the size and model number of the SANY machine. Given that models are constantly changing, you may contact us for the latest pricing.

What is the Typical Cost of a Crawler Crane for Sale?

  • The typical SANY crawler crane featured through Camamach ranges from $162,800 - $223,300 USD. The price will vary depending on the size and model number of the SANY machine. Given that models are constantly changing, you may contact us for the latest pricing.

What is the Typical Cost of an All-Terrain Crane for Sale?

  • The typical SANY all-terrain crane featured through Camamach starts from $570,900 USD. Given that models are constantly changing, you may contact us for the latest pricing.

What is the Typical Cost of an Excavator for Sale?

  • The typical SANY excavator featured through Camamach ranges from $24,960 - $161,000 USD. The price will vary depending on the size and model number of the SANY machine. Given that models are constantly changing, you may contact us for the latest pricing.

What is the Typical Cost of a Truck-mounted Concrete Pump for Sale?

  • The typical SANY truck-mounted concrete pump featured through Camamach ranges from $291,500 - $706,200 USD. The price will vary depending on the size and model number of the SANY machine. Given that models are constantly changing, you may contact us for the latest pricing.

What is the Typical Cost of a Trailer Concrete Pump for Sale?

  • The typical SANY trailer concrete pump featured through Camamach ranges from $53,125 - $67,200 USD. The price will vary depending on the size and model number of the SANY machine. Given that models are constantly changing, you may contact us for the latest pricing.

Where are SANY's regional headquarters located?

SANY is a multinational corporation and has set up regional offices in different parts of the globe. Such ventures are known as SANY Americas, SANY Brazil, SANY Europe, SANY India, and Sany Group headquarters respectively. SANY also has regional headquarters such as SANY Latin-America, SANY Northern Africa, SANY Western Africa, SANY Central Africa, and SANY Southern Africa.

Moreover, SANY has set up offices in SANY Russia, SANY Central Asia, SANY Kuwait, SANY Saudi Arabia, and SANY Eastern Africa. Besides, the company also owns several other branch offices such as SANY Southeastern Asia, SANY Philippines, SANY Indonesia, SANY Australia, and SANY UK.

How many suppliers and dealers does SANY have?

SANY is a renowned manufacturer of construction machinery with a broad business web spread widely across the globe. In a bid to guarantee supply of its products worldwide, SANY currently operates with 25 manufacturing bases distributed globally and 18 regional headquarters. These include a broad base consisting of over 8000 suppliers who play significant roles in provision of requisite materials and components for machines manufactured by SANY. Moreover, SANY is widely known in the market due to its network consisting of about 400 dealers who can efficiently cater for their customers’ needs and service their products.

What support services does SANY provide?

SANY provides all-round after sales service and maintenance services with an aim to serve their clients. These involve customized support, mentorship and prompt assistance at every stage of the consumers’ trip. SANY’s support services cover pre-sale consultations, installation of equipment, and after sales maintenance for prompt and effective assistance to the customer.

Also, SANY maintains parts availability such that customers are supplied with original spares for their machines. To enable customer satisfaction, Sany also sells warranties that shield clients’ investment and offer additional comfort. In addition, SANY provides a flexible financial package, which makes buying of the equipment much easier for the businesses.


Where are SANY's manufacturing bases located?

SANY’s twenty five industrial bases are strategically distributed worldwide. Each plant boasts of state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities that ensure the delivery of cutting edge machines to any part of this world.

For instance, one base is located at Changsha, Hunan, China. SANY’s production center is located here, indicating that they will provide their customers with high class equipment. With the use of the modern technology that is present in this facility, SANY ensures that its products are of high quality and therefore customers are satisfied.

In addition, having other SANY’s bases located strategically in the other parts of the world makes it possible for the company to serve its customers effectively across the globe. Management and culture Being present in all corners of the world, SANY’s manufacturing bases make it possible for people from all over to have access to their top-class machines.

How do I Source from China?

Ordering directly from Sany and other Chinese manufacturers have become much easier over the recent years; however, the process can still be slow and time consuming, especially when ordering small quantities of equipment. This is why finding a Chinese sourcing agent to assist you throughout the process is crucial. Camamach can assist you in fulfilling your construction equipment needs by overseeing the entire procurement process. We buy directly from Sany and its subsidiaries, resulting in a smooth and direct purchasing experience.

Does China have Import Barriers?

Yes, importing from any foreign market presents challenges, some of which are cultural in nature and others which are more technical. Here's a rundown of the various barriers that businesses face when importing from China:

  • Language and communication challenges
  • Uncompetitive pricing when purchasing in small quantities
  • Slower feedback, especially when ordering in small quantities
  • Sany local distributors may not sell to your country/region
  • Slow after-sales assistance


Camamach procures in volume directly from Sany removing the barriers that a business would encounter when ordering directly from the manufacturer and allowing us to offer better pricing and faster feedback. Camamach offers flexibility to buy the equipment that meets your requirements, and budget from top Chinese manufacturers such as Sany.

Why Import from China and What are the Benefits of Working with Camamach?

Camamach logo – Buy Camamach Equipment.

Importing Sany equipment from China can provide your business with many advantages, including increased productivity and cost reduction. There has always been a bias against purchasing from Chinese manufacturers, but the truth is that importing from manufacturers like Sany offers numerous benefits and advantages for your business, especially with Camamach's help. Some of the main benefits of importing from China and working with Camamach include:

Factory Visits on a Regular Basis

·         Factory inspections are required throughout the manufacturing process to guarantee that items are made in accordance with rules and procedures. Camamach conducts plant visits on a regular basis throughout the manufacturing process (before, during, and after production).

Identifying High-Quality products from Reliable Manufacturers

·         Providing clients with high-quality items from reputable manufacturers has always been a top priority. Camamach seeks for dependable producers and only works with them if their manufacturing process meets our standards.

End-to-End Procurement Process

  • Camamach follows an end-to-end procurement process. This means that we examine every stage of the process; from the moment a company puts in an order to when the items are delivered to the target location, we will help each step of the way and provide you with all the logistics. End-to-end procurement helps ensure maximum convenience and customer satisfaction.

Cost Savings

  • One of the most compelling reasons for why businesses like to work with Camamach is due to our primary objective of reducing costs and increasing profitability for our clients. If you know your way around the industry, China can be a terrific location to get low-cost, high-quality goods. Camamach is prepared to manage your sourcing requirements in a planned and professional manner.

Experienced Manufacturers

  • An important indicator that Camamach looks for with partner manufacturers is their experience. Experienced manufacturers have a thorough understanding of the sector and industry. Camamach has been partnered with majority of our manufacturers for many years now, and together we have shipped construction equipment to over 20 countries around the world.

Cooperation for the Long Term

  • Camamach offers after-sales support, which includes assistance with any problems you may have or interests in future orders. We strive to build great relationships with our clients and prioritize long-term cooperation.

Continuous QA/QC

  • Continuous quality assurance and quality control processes dramatically improves the chances of identifying and correcting defects. It allows us to catch any inconsistencies in the supply chain. Our QA/QC process is what separates our quality level ahead of competitors.


Where and How to Buy SANY Equipment and Products?

Sany equipment is available for purchase at Camamach, all at reasonable pricing. Contact Camamach if you are interested in premium construction equipment from Sany or other trusted brands. We provide a simple and straightforward purchasing experience with exceptional customer service throughout. We export all around the world, so send us an email at [email protected] or send us a WhatsApp message at +86-131-2037-9271 for a quick response.


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