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100-ton Lifting Capacity All-terrain Crane - SAC1000 | SANY

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Max. lifting capacity 100 t
Overall length 14000 mm
Overall width 2800 mm
Overall height 4000 mm
Axles 5
Overall weight 50000 kg
Front axle load 20000 Kg
Rear axle load 30000 Kg
Rated power 350 kw / 1800 rpm
Rated torque 2300 N??m/1080 rpm
Max. traveling speed 90 km/h
Min.turning radius 8.5 m
Min. ground clearance 300 mm
Approach angle 21 ??
Departure angle 21 ??
Max. gradeability 60 %
Braking distance(30km/h) 10 m
Main Performance
Min.lifting radius 3m
Tail swing radius of superstructure 4450 mm
Boom section 7
Max. lifting moment-Base boom 4320 kN.m
Max. lifting moment-Full-extend boom 1852 kN.m
Max. lifting moment-Full-extend boom+jib 1320 kN.m
Length-Base boom 12.1 m
Length-Full-extend boom 63 m
Length-Full-extend boom+jib 78.5 m
Outrigger span(Longitudinal/Transversal) 7.6 m
Jib offset 0 ?? 15 ?? 30 ??
Working Speed
Max. single rope lifting speed of main winch(no load) 130 m/min
Max. single rope lifting speed of auxiliary winch(no load) 130 m/min
Full extend/retract time of boom 450 / 440 s
Full raise/lower time of boom 60 / 110 s
Swing speed 2 r/min
HVAC in low cab Cooling / Heating

The parameters are for reference only, please contact your sales representative for details.


100-Ton All Terrain Crane SAC1000 | SANY

A 100-ton all terrain crane is a type of mobile crane which has all the necessary equipment to travel at speed. The all terrain crane is build built for use on different types of terrain and under various weather conditions. It offers superior sany rough terrain crane has mobility with fast speeds on public roads and highways.

The sany all terrain crane has a powerful performance of lifting any heavy weighted things and then transporting them to other places. 100-ton all-terrain crane is a kind of machine equipped with different types of ropes like a hoist rope, wire ropes or chains, and sheaves that can be used both to lift and lower materials and to move them.

The advantages of all-terrain cranes

  • Mobility

The all-terrain crane is mobile, the crane can be moved from one place to the other place with the benefit of all-wheel drive steering suspension system.

  • Strong lifting capacity

The crane build-up of a strong material due to which it can provide a strong performance of lifting heavyweight maximum to 1000 tons.

  • Speed

The crane can work at a speed up to 55 miles per hour.

  • Efficiency

The crane provides an efficient performance with integrated attached booms as a part of the crane.

  • Durability and comfort

The crane has excellent durability and are easy and comfortable to operate or work on it.

  • Safety

The all terrain has a compact size and has visibility from the cab to help operation for a full view of the work area.

Some of the benefits of the crane are mentioned above, and all terrain cranes are perfect for remote construction sites like they can be used for the construction of oil and gas pipelines and lifting of heavy materials.

  1. relatively high price, but 100% worth it review by Sabrina Carter on 7/1/2021

    I am very impressed with the functionality of this truck crane. The price is up there, but you can't complain cause the performance balances it out.

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