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50m³/h Diesel Trailer Pump - HBT5008C-5S | SANY

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Model SANY
Max.delivery pressure(theoretical) Low/High pressure 8 Mpa
Max.concrete output(theoretical) Low/High pressure 50 m??/h
Engine rated power 55 kW
Delivery cylinder Bore*Strok ??180??1400 mm
Hopper capacity*Feeding height 0.6??1240 m??/mm
Dimension (L*W*H) 5670??2045??2370 mm
Gross weight 3950 kg
Max.aggregate size ??150mm delivery pipe 50 mm
Max.aggregate size ??125mm delivery pipe 40 mm
Type S-Valve
Slump of concrete 100???230 mm

50m3 Diesel Trailer Pump HBT5008C-5S | SANY

The diesel trailer pump by SANY is capable of 50 cubic meters of output per hour. Diesel run engine ensures for long life with high fuel efficiency. Equipped with fully automated self-diagnosis technology that monitors pump status in constant real time and fully capable of identifying up 50 faults. This SANY pump will offer up to 70% decrease in overall troubleshooting time granting the user free time for other activities.

Hydraulic system

The diesel trailer pump contains advanced new age hydraulics, pressure difference sensing and reversing technology along with electrohydraulic proportional buffering technology. These benefits allow the pump to filter impurities self-sufficiently while still maintaining an open type system, casing for clean and cooled hydraulic oil. These benefits result in long life of the machine and decreasing the need for overall maintenance costs.

Operating conditions

The 50m3 diesel trailer pump by SANY is capable of operating in some of the most extreme conditions. Capable of handling temperatures from -22 degrees Celsius to 55 degrees Celsius, and capable of 12 hours of continuous operation. Fully capable of pumping any kind of fluid as well more difficult concretes, slags, slit, waste material and mortar.

Intelligent control

Smart control of the 50m3 diesel trailer pump by SANY is full integrated to ensure complete control of all operations. Equipped with a dedicated pumping motion controller that integrates a classic pumping algorithm and function libraries, resulting in an increased arithmetic speed and overall improved performance.

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