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50-ton Lifting Capacity Truck Crane - STC500 | SANY

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Max. lifting capacity 50 t
Overall length 13750 mm
Overall width 2750 mm
Overall height 3800 mm
Axles 4
Axle distance-1,2 1450 mm
Axle distance-2,3 4000 mm
Axle distance-3,4 1350 mm
Overall weight 42000 kg
Front axle load 16000 kg
Rear axle load 26000 kg
Model Cummins
Rated power 250kw/2100rpm
Rated torque 1425N??m/1200rpm
Emission standard Euro ???
Max. traveling speed 85 km/h
Min.turning radius 12 m
Min.turning radius of boom head 14.5 m
Drive train 8x4
Min. ground clearance 295mm
Approach angle 18 ??
Departure angle 12 ??
Max. gradeability 40%
Fuel consumption per 100km ??? 45 L
Main Performance
Temperature range ??? 20 ???~ + 45 ???
Min.lifting radius 3 m
Tail swing radius of superstructure 4 m
Boom section 5
Boom shape U-shaped
Max. lifting moment-Base boom 1774kN??m
Max. lifting moment-Full-extend boom 840.8kN??m
Max. lifting moment-Full-extend boom+jib 318kN??m
Length-Base boom 11.5m
Length-Full-extend boom 43m
Length-Full-extend boom+jib 59m
Outrigger span(Longitudinal/Transversal) 6??7.2m
Jib offset 0 ?? 15 ?? 30 ??
Working Speed
Max. single rope lifting speed of main winch(no load) 130 m/min
Max. single rope lifting speed of auxiliary winch(no load) 130 m/min
Full extend/retract time of boom 100 / 120s
Full raise/lower time of boom 80 / 80s
Swing speed 0~2 r/min
HVAC in up cab Cooling/Heating
HVAC in low cab Cooling and Heating

50 Ton Truck Crane STC500 | SANY

The 50 Ton Truck Crane STC500 is a SANY series truck crane which boasts an enhanced chassis system and performance, ultra-long and strong boom system, highly efficient and energy-saving hydraulic system, and an intelligent electric control system.

Truck Crane Chassis Performance

SANY???s new STC500 model truck crane uses a double-axel drive system that increases comfortability and trafficability under varying environmental and road circumstances to constantly ensure reliable driving performance. This truck crane also uses an adjustable power system to reduce unnecessary power consumption.

STC500 Truck Crane Boom System

The new truck crane sold by SANY adopts a four-sector boom system made of high-strength steel with tested optimized cross sections that reduce stress and improves weight distribution for higher safety rates. SANY???s truck crane also allows for preset jib angles which increases worker efficiency.

Truck Crane Hydraulic System

SANY???s STC500 truck crane incorporates a highly stable, environmental, and efficient hydraulic system to provide stronger lifting ability. This includes a combination of a triple gear pump, load feedback and constant power control system improving micro-mobility. The unique buffering design also helps ensure stable braking operations.

Intelligent Electric Truck Crane Control System

The inhouse SANY developed SYMC controller specially engineered for the truck crane adopts a CAN-bus full digital network control technology. This system improves reliability and ensures stable control signals. The STC500 model truck crane???s intelligent protection system, which works within 3% accuracy, provides a comprehensive logic and interlock control system ensuring for safety and reliability.

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  2. Thanks for the support review by John on 3/3/2024

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