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SANY vs XCMG | 5 Key Tips to Choose Your Perfect Manufacturer

SANY and XCMG Logo

SANY and XCMG are internationally acclaimed Construction Equipment manufacturers. Both brands rival each other across various equipment categories in terms of performance efficiency and durability. Overall XCMG is considered a stable choice with a more diverse equipment portfolio, while SANY is considered to be expanding faster.

Choosing the right construction equipment is crucial for any project, which is why Camamach, a supplier of both, brings you a comparison to help you select the brand best suited for your project.

SANY | Heavy Equipment Manufacturer

SANY is one of the biggest Chinese construction equipment manufacturers. With domestic and international manufacturing bases, SANY provides heavy-duty construction machinery to over 150 countries. Its popular products include truck cranes, concrete pumps, excavators, and cranes.

SANY Construction manufacturing factory This is SANY’s Construction manufacturing factory, based in Changsha, China

Image Courtesy: SANY

XCMG | Heavy Equipment Manufacturer

XCMG is among the top 5 construction equipment manufacturers globally and the leading brand in China. It leads the industry in producing excavators, wheel loaders, Road Rollers, Concrete Pavers,  cranes, Asphalt Mixing Plants, etc.

XCMG Construction manufacturing factory This is XCMG’s Construction manufacturing factory, based in Xuzhou, China

Image Courtesy: XCMG

Equipment Inventory Comparison

Both SANY and XCMG manufacture similar construction equipment, but XCMG has a slightly more diverse equipment inventory with Hoisting, Sanitation, Ariel Working, and Resource Exploration Machinery.

Industry Comparison

SANY specializes in concrete machinery like concrete pumps and batching plants, while XCMG specializes in Excavators and truck-mounted heavy-duty cranes.

Overall, both SANY and XCMG have the following categories in common: Excavators, Concrete Machinery, Road Machinery, Mining and Tunneling, Heavy Duty Trucks, Port Machinery, and Fire Fighting Machinery.

SANY and XCMG Price Comparison for Construction Equipment

Here are the latest prices for similar products from each brand:

Truck Crane:

  • XCMG 25-Ton 33.8 Truck Crane QY25: $112,200.00
  • SANY 25-Ton Truck Crane STC250: $149,600.00

Truck Mounted Crane:

  • XCMG 5-Ton SQ5SK2Q Truck Mounted Crane: $27,300.00
  • SANY 5-Ton SPS12500 Truck Mounted Crane: $72,858.00

Truck Mounted Concrete Pump:

  • XCMG 28-Ton Concrete Pump: $204,600.00
  • SANY 38M Truck Mounted Concrete Pump SY5295THB 380C-8


  • SANY 20-Ton Medium Excavator SY210C: $114,000.00
  • SANY 20-Ton Medium Excavator XE215C: $120,000.00


SANY vs XCMG | Who makes better equipment?’

Though both SANY and XCMG are high-quality brands, they’ve different equipment strongholds in the construction industry.

Where does SANY Specialize:

Where does XCMG Specialize:

  • XCMG is known for its Excavating and Construction Crane machinery sector.
  • It mostly uses Perkins Engines.
  • XCMG Construction equipment is cheaper than SANY while maintaining similar performance.


Where can I buy SANY and XCMG equipment for sale?

Camamach is a long-standing supplier of both SANY and XCMG. With years of experience as an international-level heavy machinery supplier, Camamach helps its clients find the best project-tailored equipment.

Contact us now for free recommendations and guidance from experts for your specific requirements. You may also read our Blogs for detailed information on different brands and their products.

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