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Boom Truck vs. Crane Truck - 5 Tips to Choose the Right One - Must check #3


Boom and Crane trucks are utility vehicles that are primarily used for lifting heavy objects and reaching inaccessible heights. With both machines featuring an operator’s cabin and a boom lift arm, their functionality is often interchangeable. However, where a boom truck offers versatile use, it has a limited lifting and stability capacity compared to a crane truck that serves a specific purpose on a construction site.

Selecting the right requirement-based construction equipment is crucial for any project, especially when the machines offer similar functionalities like a Boom and Crane Truck.

Here, Camamach illustrates all the differences to make your choice easier.

Boom Truck

A boom truck also referred to as a Truck Mounted Crane, operates like a regular truck with a hydraulic crane attached to the chassis. The simplicity of this structure allows manufacturers to launch different variations of the heavy-duty lifting machine.

The boom operator’s cabin may be mounted at the rear or attached to the lift for complete visibility of the operation. It may also be a part of the driver’s cabin.

In the construction industry, it is usually used by drywall companies for tall structures and builders for putting gravel on roofs.

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Crane Truck

Crane trucks are stable heavy-lifting machines with more power than boom trucks. They are specifically purposed for carrying hydraulic cranes and have several types for different projects.

For example, a tower crane can reach up to 100 feet while carrying extremely heavy objects. The All-terrain crane truck performs on uneven surfaces while the rough-terrain cranes, with a low center of gravity, comfortably navigate throw snow or mud.

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Difference Between Boom Truck and Crane Truck


A crane truck is designed to serve as a mobile lifting machine whereas a boom truck mounts a crane on a regular truck. Being a conventional driving unit, a boom truck is relatively easier to maneuver. It also offers multiple operator cabin placements for versatile use.

Lifting Capacity

Since a Crane truck serves a singular purpose, its lifting capacity is far more than a boom truck, which generally maxes out at 54 tons.


Compared to a boom truck, a crane truck is heavier and has a low center of gravity, making it more stable. It is also capable of using counterweights to adjust for heavier loads, especially on uneven surfaces.


Though both Boom Trucks and Crane Trucks have similar functionality, the key differences listed below decide the use in specific construction scenarios.

Boom Trucks

  • Driven like regular trucks
  • Lifts lighter loads
  • Quick and simple maneuvering
  • No counterweights and less stability

Crane Trucks

  • Uses counterweights for more stability.
  • Purposed for heavy lifting
  • Difficult maneuvering
  • May be fixed or mobile.

Boom Truck vs. Crane Truck – Which lifting Machinery is better for your project?

Your project’s scope will determine the level of construction equipment. Both these machines serve the primary function of lifting heavy objects.

If your project demands easy mobility and a load capacity of up to 54 tons, a boom truck is an ideal choice. It’s not just a regular truck, the variations of the operator’s cabin make up for comfortable use. Whereas, if your project demands even heavier load lifting, more stability, and less mobility, a crane truck is an ideal choice.

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