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What does a Sinotruk serial number actually mean?

At CamaMach when sourcing spare parts for your machines we always ask for the serial number,  but what does a Sinotruk model serial number actually mean?

ZZ4257N324A1, what does a SINOTRUK model serial number mean?

 A picture of Sinotruk tractor truck

ZZ (中重 - zhongzhong) is the short form of Sinotruk's Chinese name 中国重汽 (zhongguo zhongqi)

● VEHICLE CATEGORY - This code represents the class of vehicle
1- cargo truck
2- off road truck
3- dump truck
4- tractor
5- special truck
6- bus
7- passenger car
9- semi trailer

The main code is the total weight of the vehicle.

  Sinotruck is China’s first heavy duty truck manufacturer.

1- Gold Prince
2- Styre
3- Hojun
4- Yellow River
5- Hoyun
6- Styre King

● ENGINE POWER CODE represents the engine power category.

Here's a useful table:

A-              P≤68 (hp)
B-     68<P≤80
C-     80<P≤95
D-     95<P≤115
E-    115<P≤135
F-    135<P≤160
G-   160<P≤190
H-   190<P≤219
K-    219<P≤265
M-   265<P≤319
N-    319<P≤384
V-    384<P≤460
W-   460<P≤552
X-     552<P≤80662
Y-                P>662

● WHEEL BASE CODE - shows the wheelbase in decimeters.
For example, 32 means there is 3200mm between front axle to the first rear axle.

 Sinotruck Tractor during construction.

1- 4x2
2- 4x4
3- 6x2
4- 6x4
5- 6x6
6- 8x4
7- 8x8
8- 10x10

 A model of Sinotruck 8x4 dump truck

1 series - HOWO 7
3 series - HOWO A7
7 series - HOWO7 & A7
8 series - HOWO 8, HINO engine


● CABIN CODE says what type of cabin the vehicle has.
1- long cabin
2- short cabin
3- four door open cabin

Now lets take an example code of ZZ4257N344A1. from this number we can tell the product is a Sinotruk HOWO Tractor Head, with a horsepower between 319 and 384 (370) and a 6x4 drive configuration.

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