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3 Must-Know Tips to Purchase Fire Truck - 2 Bonus Tips!

What is a Fire Truck?

Fire Truck is a life-saving vehicles that carries firefighters, extinguishing water, and equipment


A Fire truck, also known as a fire engine, is a life-saving vehicle that carries firefighters, extinguishing water, and equipment like ladders and hoses needed on the scene. They are mostly painted red to make them stand out and have high contrast patterns to act as warning indicators in addition to the sirens.

The vehicle has a chassis that supports the superstructure containing all the main components. The equipment on the trucks may vary in different firefighting departments.

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Fire Truck Features

Our fire trucks are equipped with all the latest and necessary features. The main features include:

The Chassis

Chassis is the main component of a fire truck as the entire structure is carried on top of it. The fire trucks for sale at Camamach have durable chassis to provide stability, safety, and long work-life for the vehicle.


A ladder is one of the fundamental components of a fire truck. However, you need to know that the terms fire trucks and fire engines are used interchangeably. Fire trucks usually have a large attached aerial ladder, and fire engines have a small ladder used manually by the firefighters.

Tool Compartments

The trucks have tool compartments to store commonly used tools such as axes, nozzles, halligan bars, fire extinguishers, ventilator fans, and cutters.


Fire trucks have hoses with different nozzles attached to the fire engine. They are used to squirt water on the fire.


A state-of-the-art pump is installed in all our fire engines to handle heavy rescue duties.

Driver’s Cab

The interior of the driver’s cab usually contains mounted laptops, air tanks, flashlights, radio systems, thermal imaging cameras, and gas monitors.

Gripped Steps

Our fire trucks are also equipped with gripped steps that allow the firefighters to safely move on the vehicle.

Fire Truck Uses

The two main uses of fire trucks are:

Transporting Firefighters and Equipment

The firefighter team and their equipment are transported on the fire trucks. The equipment can be quite heavy and needs manual maneuvering of the team.

Putting Out Fires

The special vehicle’s primary purpose is to put out the fires endangering lives and the environment. The fire engine carries water and pumping equipment to use the fire hydrants.

Fire Truck Types

Camamach has stocked top-quality fire trucks for you. The available types are:


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Where to Buy a Fire Truck?

If you are in the market for a top-notch fire truck that’ll give you loads of features with long working life, then you are in luck because Camamach stocks its fire trucks exactly on those parameters. It’s the place to be – especially if you need them in bulk.

Which Countries Manufacture Fire Trucks in Bulk?

Fire Truck is the sole responder on a fire scene. They are required worldwide and lately have been in demand, particularly in the developing countries.

The biggest manufacturers include China, the United States, and Austria.

Who are the top Chinese Manufacturers of Fire Trucks?

Fire trucks are essential to safety in cities, and China has plenty of reliable manufacturers for the vehicles. What Camamach has done is select the best Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) you could ever find. The fire truck brands at  Camamach are:


For full specifications, videos, and pricing of the emergency vehicles, contact us now.

What’s more in the store?

Camamach has plenty of specialized vehicles stocked for you like:

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