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Hydraulic 25-ton Rubber Bitumen Sprayer | OEM

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Item Specifications
Name Asphalt Distributor
Model LMT5251GLQ
Brand Zhetong Brand
Outline Dimension of Complete Vehicle (L/W/H mm) 10500??2496??3350
Tank Capacity (m3/density) 12T (Announcement 13.4/0.7)
Chassis Model ZZ1257M4647C
Chassis Manufacturer CNHTC Jinan Truck Co., Ltd
Vehicle Pattern Flathead 6??4 rear drive
Tire Specification 12.00-20
Approach Angle/ Departure Angle 15??/12??
Engine Rating Power/ Rotation Speed (kw/r/min) 213/2200
Fuel Type Diesel
Engine Model Pattern and Category WD615.93 (CNHTC)
Inline 6 cylinder 4-stroke supercharge
Discharge Standard GB17691-2005 (National ???) GB3847-2005
Seating Capacity (including the driver) 2
Top Speed (km/h) 90
Complete Vehicle Weight (kg) 25000
Rated Load (kg) 8970
Working Speed (km/h) 2.5~10.5
Asphalt Pump Discharge Volume (L/r) 1.85
Max. Spray Width (m) 6
Asphalt Spray Volume (L/m2) 0.3~3.0
Drive System Powered by hydraulic system
Max. Pressure of Hydraulic System (MPa) 20
Heat Preservation Way of Asphalt Pump Heat is preserved through heat transfer oil.
Cleaning Way High pressure air and diesel

Hydraulic 25 Ton Rubber Bitumen Sprayer | OEM

The Hydraulic 25 Ton Rubber Bitumen Sprayer is an engine that has been made for delivering the superior type of performances. The Hydraulic 25 ton Rubber Bitumen Sprayer represents the latest model of the Rubber Bitumen Sprayer. In the segment of the Rubber Bitumen Sprayer, the Hydraulic 25 Ton Rubber Bitumen Sprayer is one of the most advanced products. When it comes to the case of any Rubber Bitumen Sprayer, the 25 Ton Hydraulic sprayer provides the best performance than any other Rubber Bitumen Sprayer in its segment. The Hydraulic 25 Ton Rubber Bitumen Sprayer is much powerful as compared to its segment partners and has one of the most advanced mechanisms in the sector of the rubber Bitumen Sprayer.

Design, Reliability, and Performance

The actual secret behind the superior performance, quality, and strength goes to its hydraulic pump and its asphalt pump that has an optimal property, which provides a higher quality of performance. The Hydraulic 25 Ton Rubber Bitumen Sprayer engine is known for its significant heat transfer oil system. It also supports the favorable heat insulation performance. The Rubber Bitumen Sprayer also has a multi-layer filter that helps the asphalt to pass through the spraying nozzle to develop the spraying quality. The Hydraulic 25 Ton Rubber Bitumen Sprayer also provides computer controlled independent nozzles that can regulate the spray width at pressure.

The Rubber Bitumen Sprayer system has two different sets of operating systems that are separately situated at the driving cabin and also at the rear operating platform that ensures the reliability of the work of spraying.

The Hydraulic 25 Ton Rubber Bitumen Sprayer has been designed with modular designs and is controlled by the computer system, which features a low rate of failure and easy maintenance.

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