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5 Secret Tips to Buy the BEST Soil Stabilizer - Don't miss #4

What is a Soil Stabilizer?

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A Soil Stabilizer, also known as a road recycler, is a piece of specialized equipment with multiple uses. A Soil stabilizer is a road construction machine that enhances the soil-strength and improves its features.

Soil stabilization is one of the necessary steps in road construction. That is why it needs a good stabilizer machine for the soil and improving the soil’s properties.

Moreover, only an ideal machine can guarantee a stable soil base that will resist the erosion of the roads in the future. So, it is better to select the best soil stabilizer to achieve a perfectly constructed road.

In summary, a soil stabilizer helps to improve the physical properties of the soil by stabilizing it.

How to Buy Soil Stabilizers
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Soil Stabilizer Features:

  • Easy maintenance:


The Soil stabilizer system supplied by Camamach ensures all components run smoothly. Its radiators ensure low dust adhesion. And its large volume radiators with enough cooling reserves provide an adequate capacity for difficult conditions. Cleaning the radiator is made significantly easier. Moreover, it ensures high availability and the lowest wear. It makes it more durable, easy to maintain, and safe to use.

  • It provides outstanding mixing results:
  • The soil stabilizer offers the highest quality with optimized costs
  • Great flexibility with different materials
  • Perfect forwards and reverse mixing results 
  • Environment-Friendly



The soil stabilizing process is completely eco-friendly. And with the help of such soil stabilizers, we can reduce the carbon foot-prints in nature.

Along with the eco-friendly feature, it supports fewer materials transportation and less use of newly extracted materials.

  • Completion of projects in time


The soil stabilization process involves controlling the mixture of different grain fractions, drying or freezing, heat treatment, electrical treatment, and so on. The process is too heftier and time taking that it is difficult to accomplish with a little labor. It needs special equipment and machines to stabilize the soil. So, the soil stabilizer offered by Camamach helps you attain the stabilized soil faster and on time. 

Here you can explore various models of soil stabilizers. You just need to select your favorite one and, then you can start your work.

Soil Stabilizer Uses

There are various forms of soil stabilizers, and the usage of the equipment depends on the form. 

These are the mechanical vehicles used as road profilers, road reclaimers, road millers, road plainer, and pavement profiler. Moreover, soil stabilizers get equipped to mix cement, foam asphalt, and/or lime and water with the current road to build a new, recycled road surface.

Also, soil stabilizers help in the process of full-depth recycling. Full-Depth Recycling uses the full depth of the pavement, aggregate base. Mainly, full Depth Reclamation reconstructs the roads that have cracks and deteriorated due to a bad substructure. 

Types of Soil Stabilizers

  1. 16-ton soil stabilizer-XL 210/XCMG


  • 16500kg soil stabilizer works with a speed of 23m/min.
  • Power: 316/1900kw/rpm.
  • It can adapt to any complex condition.
  • It includes a WeiChei diesel engine with minimum noise production. It is efficient in fuel consumption and reduces emissions.
  • It is more energy-efficient and can maneuver in slippery roads or muddy conditions.


  1. WB 400 Soil stabilizer with mixing drum


  • WB 400 Soil stabilizer includes a drum that makes it more versatile.
  • It contains the NTA855-C400 engine that offers a speed of 298/400KW/hp.
  • Also, it provides the milling and mixing operating width and depth of 2000 and 350 mm, respectively.


  1. WBZ21 standard soil stabilizer


  • The WBZ21 standard soil stabilizer has a double-sealed cab with an air conditioner
  • It has an NTA855-c360 engine, which is powerful enough and offers a speed of 2000r/min. 


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Where to Buy Soil Stabilizer?

You can easily find a soil stabilizer on sale in your nearby area. But if you are looking for a premium quality, competitively priced soil stabilizer, then try to import it directly from the manufacturers. They can provide you with the certifications and cost savings. It is a better way than buying the equipment locally from a distributor.

If you need to purchase the soil stabilizers in bulk, then contact us for soil stabilizer details and pricing on our website.

Which Countries Manufacture Soil Stabilizers in Bulk?

The main producers of soil stabilizers are China, Hong Kong, Kenya, and Zambia. You can order your equipment easily from these above mentioned nations as the consumption of solid equipment has increased dramatically in these developing countries.

Soil Stabilizer Price

Regarding the pricing of soil stabilizers, we put all of our energy into researching all brands and types of soil stabilizers. Our goal is to find the equipment with the best specifications at the most affordable price. Our products are more durable and offer long serviceability to the customers. You must find equipment that is reliable and not too costly. That is what Camamach Offers to all!

Here at Camamach, we pride ourselves on looking through every small detail of the specifications of the equipment we sell. That means now you can get quality equipment on a pocket-friendly budget.

Where to Buy Soil Stabilizer?

Here at Camamach, we have soil stabilizers along with premium quality construction equipment for sale. The whole equipment range is competitive and available at affordable prices. Here at Camamach, we also offer other types of road construction machines for sale, such as:

  1. Road roller
  2. Road maker
  3. Motor grader, etc.

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