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Want to Buy Motor Grader? 3 Tips You MUST Know

What is a Motor Grader

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XCMG 7 Ton Road Motor Grader

A motor grader, also known as a road grader, is a heavy construction equipment with multiple uses. The most popular uses of this equipment are for moving and leveling soil and earth. They are often used in construction, landscaping, mining and road maintenance projects.

Motor Graders for Sale
XCMG 17 Ton Road Motor Grader

What are the General Features of Motor Graders

Typical motor graders consists of five parts including the operator’s cab, moldboard, prime mover, frame and the scarifier.

Operator’s Cab

The operator’s cab is the part where you can find multiple controls, the steering wheel and lever. Large windows and a windshield enclose the operator’s cab.


The moldboard is the motor grader’s working tool. The moldboard does the hard cutting work. It is located between the front and rear axle. The moldboard is typically 12 to 14 feet in height. It has a cutting edge attached to its bottom and an end bit on both sides. The moldboard can be rotated in any direction and can also be shifted right, left, forward, backward, lowered or raised.

Prime Mover

The prime mover consists of a rubber-tired tractor mounted to the rear. An engine diesel typically powers the prime mover. The prime mover is the source of power that converts fuel to useful work.


The frame extends the full length of the motor grader and is usually connected to the front axle. The frame gives enough room for the moldboard to do its job.


The scarifier is a hydraulic control that uses teeth to break up any compacted surface. It does its work by attaching extremely strong teeth to the motor grader that dig into any hard surface without actually damaging the grader blade.

What are the types of Motor Grader available?

Motor Grader Types

7 Ton Road Grader GR100

The 7 Ton Road Grader GR100 represents the latest model of the XCMG and one of the most advanced types of motor graders.

15 Ton Road Grader GR165

The 15 Ton Road Grader GR165 for sale has an engine hood and powerful brake system. It is one of the most efficient motor graders and the price is very nominal.

17 Ton Road Grader GR215

The 17 Ton Road Grader Grader GR215 is one of the most advanced types and provides one of the best performances.

26 Ton Road Grader GR300

The 26 Ton road grader GR300 boasts it’s superb power plus comfortable driving environment. It has imported adopted hydraulic parts perfect for a great working performance.

Motor Graders and Road construction equipment for sale
XCMG 26 ton Large Road Motor Grader

Where to Buy Motor Graders

You may be able to find a motor grader in your area. But if you want to buy quality, competitively priced motor graders, it is preferable to import directly from the manufacturers. They can issue certifications and provide cost savings which is better than buying the equipment locally or from a distributor.

If you require bulk quantities of this equipment, contact us for motor grader details and pricing on our website at camamach.com.

Motor Grader Price

Regarding pricing of motor grader, we put all of our energy into researching all brands and types of motor graders. Our goal is to find the equipment with the best specifications at the most affordable price. It is important that you find equipment that is reliable and not too costly. Here at Camamach we pride ourselves on looking through every small detail of the specifications of the equipment we sell. Contact us for more details about our product.

Where to Buy a Motor Grader

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Here at Camamach we have many other types of motor graders for sale such as:

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3) 16 ton Low Cost Motor Grader | Changlin

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