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11-ton Road Grader - GR135 | XCMG

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Basic specification
Engine model 6BT5.9
Rated power/speed 100/2200kw/rpm
Dimension(LxWxH) 8015??2380??3050mm
Operating weight(Standard) 11000kg
Performance specification
Travelling speed ,forward 5???8???13???20???30???42km/h
Travelling speed ,reverse 5???13???30km/h
Tractive force(f=0.75) 61.3KN
Max. gradeability 20%
Tire inflation pressure 300kPa
Working hydraulic pressure 16MPa
Transmission pressure 1.3???1.8MPa
Operating specification
Max. steering angle of front wheels ??49??
Max. lean angle of front wheels ??17??
Max. oscillation angle of front axle ??15??
Max. oscillation angle of balance box 16
Frame articulation angle ??27??
Min. turning radius using articulation 6.6m
Maximum lift above ground 410mm
Maximum depth of cutting 535mm
Maximum blade position angle 90??
Blade cutting angle 28?????70??
Circle reversing rotation 360??
Moldboard width X height 3710??610mm

11 Ton Road Grader GR135 | XCMG

The 11 Ton Road Grader GR135 from XCMG is highly used for large surface ground leveling, ditching, slope scraping, bulldozing, sacrificing, snow removal and other work in highway, airport and farmland. So let's know the technicalities of the grader machine to understand it better

Technical Performance And Characteristics

Power System

GR 135 grader machine uses a diesel engine that features massive output torque, power reserve factor and low fuel consumption.

Transmission System

It consists of the hydraulic torque converter, power shift transmission, driveshaft, rear axle and rear wheel, the torque converter featuring wide torque ratio, exceptional efficiency and full economic zone coordinates with the engine to forge well-integrated operation. It also has six forward gears and three reversed gears and is applied with neutral start protection function. Gear shift under electric and hydraulic control is flexible in operation and reasonable in speed distribution, free from impact in shifting and suitable for requirements of various working conditions in grader machine.

Brake system

It comprises two brake systems. First one is service brake system which is a double loop hydraulic brake system and is acted on four middle rear wheels of road grader with protected and reliable brake. Second is a parking brake system which is composed of operator and brake. Grader machine braking system is sturdy.

Front Axle

Front Axle of road grader is a steering axle which can swing from left to right. Except front wheel steering, the articulated frame is adopted, which can further reduce the turning radius.

Working Device

It consists of traction frame turning circle, shovel blade, angular device etc. The turning circle bearing installed on the traction frame can turn around the traction frame under the driving force of turning device that further drives the scraper to turn.

Hydraulic System (it consists of 3 parts)

  • Working hydraulic system- It is one of the vital parts of the hydraulic system of the grader machine
  • Steering hydraulic system- Front-wheel steering of the machine applies to load sensitive full hydraulic steering device that consists of a gear pump, pilot valve and fully hydraulic steering gear to control the steering of the front wheels.
  • Service brake system- It is the double loop hydraulic system used to manage the service brake.


The bonnet of 11 Ton Road Grader GR135 machine adopts structure members with beautiful and streamlines appearance. It can be opened on two sides and can be integrally turned over, to improve maintainability.

Interior Trim Parts And an electric Installation of Cab

Seal cab is adopted in which air conditioning system is configured. Its interior trim parts are sleeker compression molding parts, which fully embrace the demand of man-machine engineering.

The electrical system of grader equipment comprises the dashboard, operation box, wiring harness, testing sensor, all kinds of lamps, and driving indicator lamp. The system can be used to control the operation of the engine and driving of grader and can be used to handle all kinds of lamps driving indicator lamps, wiping and horn.

The system can also be used to monitor engine, torque converter, hydraulic system, brake system, accumulator charging and discharging and all kinds of filter elements which can enable the driver to master operating condition of the road grader at any time and can alarm to the driver when any irregularity occurs.

11 Ton Road Grader GR135 from XCMG is a piece of necessary engineering machinery for mine construction, national defense construction, urban and rural road construction, water conservancy construction and farm improvement etc. It is built in a way that it can be handled in the construction work for maximum output. It has a robust hydraulic and brake system.

  1. GR135 review by Jared Casey on 3/29/2022

    The road grader is very useful for our work.

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