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28-ton 500 ton per hour Asphalt Paver | XCMG

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Item Specifications Unit
Dimension 7780??3000??3985  
Weight 27500-28300 kg
Driving speed 0-3.3 km/h
Basic pave width 3.0-5.85 m
Maximum pave width 5.85 m
Maximum layer thickness 200 mm
Maximum paving speed 20 m/min
Hopper capacity 13000 kg
Maximum laydown rate 500 t/h
Rate power 159/2000 kw/rpm

28-Ton 500tph Asphalt Paver | XCMG

The 28-ton 500tph Asphalt paver is a concrete paver machine which is used to pave roads, bridges, parking lots, airports, embankment dams, and other such places. The paver is equipment for construction and is used to lay asphalt and various flat surfaces like road base work. Asphalt concrete is commonly known as asphalt, blacktop, or pavement.

There are usually three types of asphalt: Hot asphalt, MC cold mix, and UPM. These types of asphalt are used for summer as well as winter. Hot asphalt is usually can be used in high temperature as in cold temperature this type of asphalt will become harder like a rock. MC cold mix is used in less traffic area as it takes time to fix and can be used in cold area. UPM is cold mix asphalt and can be used as a permanent fix to any asphalt or concrete problem. This can be used in both hold and cold temperature.

Advantages of pneumatic tyre road rollers

  • Asphalt milling machine
  • These asphalt milling is a pavement machine, designed to grind pavement for recycling. These are used to fix road condition and used for grades and slope control and also for repairing variable-depts.

  • Asphalt recyclers
  • These are used with an asphalt milling machine and asphalt brooms, and it includes chip spreaders, backhoes, motor graders, and maintainers, etc. It contains reprocessed pavement.

  • Asphalt brooms
  • These asphalt brooms are used to collect dust, debris, and waste material in the dust bin behind it. These machines do their work after the paving has been done.

The 28-Ton 500tph Asphalt Paver is done by asphalt paving machine to do the paving work. The above mentioned are some of the machines to do paving work. The paving machine includes various equipment like water tanks and seal coaters.

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