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16-ton Soil Stabilizer – XL 210 | XCMG

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Item Specification Unit
Dimension(LxWxH) 8740??3060??3450 mm
Weight 16500 kg
Maximum working speed 23 m/min
Travel speed 0-3 km/h
Engine Type WEICHAI WP12.430N  
Rated power 316/1900 kw/rpm
Max.milling and mixing width 2500 mm
Max.milling and mixing depth 400 mm
Max.turning radius 7100 mm
Ground clearance   450 mm
Gradeability 20 %
Number of cylinders 6  
Number of cutters 216  
Fuel tank 450 L
Hydraulic oil tank 450 L

16 Ton Soil Stabilizer XL210 | XCMG

The 16 Ton Soil Stabilizer XL210 runs through an advanced turbocharged electronic injection diesel engine unit. The machine is pretty renowned for its nominal emission characteristics. At the same time, it produces minimal noise and consumes much lesser fuel in comparison as well. Through all these standards, it thoroughly meets well with the Chinese Stage III emission standard.

Being technologically enhanced

The soil stabilizer machine is technologically pretty enriched. It is powered by three-stage power regulation control technology. Under the aegis of this technology, the machine manages to function well at the greater fuel consumption domains. It is comparatively much energy efficient as well.

Through high-end technicalities, the dirt stabilizer machine comes with both automatic, as well as manually controllable mode. Naturally, such greater control options make things most user-friendly. The machine is pretty much known for its superior level spraying accuracy. Having a sprinkling water pump, which is enriched with auto-priming functionality, can be smoothly linked with a whole range of water wheel wagon.

Functionality and construction

The 16-ton soil stabilizer XL 210 has the most advanced milling system. The speed of the rotor can tweak the grain size. The speed of operation can also adjust it. Naturally, perfect uniformity is maintained of granularity. It thus is capable of meeting the needs of various grading standards.

Through front axle drive mode, the propelling speed and the speed while functioning can be thoroughly set as per the desired convenience. It enables the users to open the milling rotor end door to a greater angle through electro-hydraulic control, thus functioning as a natural soil stabilizer. The additional back-end wheel drive system enables it to work well in challenging situations. Be it about muddy ways or extremely rough, it can work well everywhere. All these characteristics make it the hottest soil stabilizer for sale at the moment.

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