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5 Tips for Choosing the Asphalt Mixing Plant - Won't Believe #4!

What is an Asphalt Mixing Plant?

Asphalt Mixing Plant that is used for road construction, expressways and parking lots.

Asphalt mixing plant, also known as asphalt batch mixing plant, is an asphalt manufacturing machine that blends aggregates with sand, stone dust and appropriate amounts of bitumen. The asphalt mix is then used to lay down pavements of roads, expressways, and parking lots.

The plant produces batch by batch mixture with irregular intervals due to precise measurements of the ingredients. The process involves weighing, drying, heating, and separation of aggregates as they are transferred to a mixer with bitumen and additional ingredients through conveyer belts. The final product is then either directly loaded into deployment trucks or silos.

An Asphalt Mixing Plant made in China.

Asphalt Mixing Plant Features

The main features of the asphalt mixing plants available at Camamach are:

Drum Dryer

Drying drum is the horizontal cylinder in an asphalt mixing plant that uses burner heat to dry the cold aggregate and other ingredients. The process involves tumbling damp materials on one side of the rotating drum.  The aggregate temperature control also determines the asphalt mix temperature. Hence, it’s an essential component of the mixing plant.

Coal Burner

The coal burner contains a coal pulverizing machine, host combustion machine, a rotation system, carter and ignition system. The coal is crushed and then transported to the burning chamber.

Aggregate Supply System

The aggregate supply system works with a feeding belt that transports the aggregate and a light alarm system which notifies the workers in case there is something off the configuration – below limit carrying capacity or material lack.

Dust Collector

The dust collector is used with a dryer where it collects the dust released by dryer’s exhaust. The dust is either wasted or reused with the aggregate.

Screening Unit

The screening unit is located on top of the plant bins where the dried aggregate is deployed. It needs to be large enough to accommodate the aggregate. Oversized aggregates are rejected by the screening unit.

Hot Bins

The heated and screened aggregate is stored in hot bins with overflow pipes that keep the aggregate from falling into other pipes. The hot aggregate is then taken out in specified proportions at specified rates to maintain a steady flow.

Aggregate weigh Hopper

The aggregate from hot bins is then transferred to a weigh hopper which weighs the appropriate amounts of aggregate for blending. This stage also has some dry mixing of materials.

Pugmill Mixer

The weighted aggregate is then mixed with asphalt as it is moved from the bucket. The mixing time is set for uniform coating of asphalt onto the aggregate. The asphalt mixer is then discharged through bottom into hauling trucks or storage silos.

Storage Silo

The asphalt mix in large amount that doesn’t need to be transported right away is stored in Silo – the cylindrical structures in vertical.

Asphalt Mixing Plant Uses

The primary purpose of an asphalt mixing plant is to manufacture asphalt mix for mega construction projects. They are used to make:

  • Highways
  • City Roads
  • Parking Lots
  • Expressways


Asphalt Mixing Plant Types

Camamach takes pride in stocking state of the art asphalt mixing plants with different features and prices to best suit your needs. The available mixing plants are:


A Standard Asphalt Mixing Plant made by OEM is for sale at Camamach

Where to Buy Asphalt Mixing Plant?

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Which Countries Manufacture Asphalt Mixing Plant in Bulk?

Asphalt mixing plants are essential in the road construction industry. Their consumption sees an exponential increase with infrastructural developments, especially in the developing countries.  

The largest manufactures are China, Switzerland, Germany, and the United States.

Who are the top Chinese Manufacturers of Asphalt Mixing Plant?

China is home to many asphalt mixing plant manufacturer. Camamach, through years of market experience has saved you the trouble of finding the best and reliable Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). The brand at Camamach is:


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What's more in the store?

At Camamach there is a lot of other road construction equipment such as:

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