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5 Top Tips for Buying Best Chip Sealer - Don't Miss #3

What is a Chip Sealer?

A 8 X 4 Synchronous Chip Sealermade made by OEMs.

Chip sealer, also known as asphalt sealer, is a road pavement treatment machine that deploys layers of asphalt and fine aggregate over roads to protect the road from brittleness and losing its stretch and blend. The deployed mixture contains aggregate, sand, rubber crumbs, and fillers.

A chip sealer extends the life of a road that otherwise would last 20 years without maintenance. It’s also a very economical option in the road construction industry as overlaying concrete or asphalt mix over roads is significantly more expensive.

A chip sealer applied into pavement treatment and construction.

Chip Sealer Features

The main features of the chip sealers available at Camamach are:

Intelligent Control System

Chip sealers are equipped with state-of-the-art high-tech control systems located in the cabin. The system controls the deployment quantity and rate of the treatment materials.


Chip sealers are equipped with self-propelled rotatory brooms that sweep clean the pavement surface. You could also find a chip sealer equipped with a self-propelled pick-up broom to clean the pavement and carry the excess aggregate in a hopper.

Material Distributor

The material distributers are calibrated with standard procedures – or as deemed by the engineer. The bituminous material distributes at a specified temperature and rate – such as 0.55 gallons per square yard – over a specified width that’s within the chipping requirement.

The distributers are also equipped with tachometers, volume measurement devices, thermometers, calibrated tanks, circulation spray bars, and material sampling valves.

Aggregate Spreader

The aggregate spreader is a self-propelled component that uniformly spreads the aggregate at specified rates and widths. The spreader is also calibrated with standard procedure.

Chip Sealer Use

Extending Road Lifetime

The primary purpose of chip sealers in to maintain roads with asphalt and aggregate (chips) layer treatment. The treatment keeps the roads from going brittle due to heavy traffic and harsh temperatures.  It also fills small cracks and increases the friction, which offers necessary skid resistance.

Low-Rate Restoration

Chip sealers are used as a cheap alternative to asphalt or concrete overlays. They are ideal for low-grade rural asphalt road restoration.

Chip Sealer Types

Camamach has the best chip sealer you’ll find on the market at an affordable rate. The products include:


A Chip Sealer made by OEMs is for sale at Camamach.

Where to Buy Chip Sealer?

For bulk purchases of the best asphalt sealer at reasonable rates, visit Camamach at Chip Sealer.

Which Countries Manufacture Chip Sealer in Bulk?

Chip sealers are highly economical when compared with asphalt overlays. That is why they are high in demand, notably in developing countries.

The top manufacturers of this road machinery are China and the United States.

Who are the top Chinese Manufacturers of Chip Sealer?

There are several Chinese manufacturers of chip sealers.  After extensive market experience and building a stellar reputation, Camamach brings you the best Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). The product at Camamach is:


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What’s more in the store?

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