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5 Tips to Choose the Perfect Chipping Spreader - Don't Miss #4

What is a Chipping Spreader?

A 12-Ton Chip Spreader made by OEM is  for Sale on Camamach.

Chipping spreader is a self-propelled machine that lays coated chippings on roads for maintenance treatment. The chipping treatment extends the lifecycle of a road by protecting it against brittleness and other effects of harsh temperatures and heavy traffic.

The machine provides continuous distribution of chipping behind a paver or a chip sealer.

A model of Chip Spreader for road construction.

Chipping Spreader Features

Standard features of the road machinery are:


The chipping spreaders have ten gates controlled through independent cylinders with switches. The gates are also equipped with a micro-adjusting mechanism for uniform distribution at specified speeds.


The hoppers include individual gates with hydrostatic spread roll and agitator. The chipping material is deployed through the gates at desired spread widths. The hopper is either a fixed or variable one. Moreover, the individual gates also allow flexibility for the variable hopper.

Hydrostatic Drive

Hydrostatic drive is the ideal system for variable output speed under varying loads. They are preferred over other methods because they provide output standards of variable power with variable torque, constant torque with variable power, and constant power with variable torque.

Anti-skidding Rollers

Chipping spreaders have anti-skidding rollers that ensure uniform distribution of the chipping material.

Conveyor Belts

The chipping material is transferred from the receiving hopper to the spread hopper via conveyor belts.


The self-propelled chip spreader has computer controls that open the gates and adjust the spreading speed. The longitudinal joint is observed by the operator standing beside the machine.

Chipping Spreader Use

A chip spreader’s primary use is to distribute chipping material over asphalt layers uniformly for road maintenance. Common uses include:

Road Restoration

Chip spreaders help extend a road’s lifecycle by filling in the gaps and giving it more traction and binding to withstand heavy traffic load and harsh weather conditions.

As Cheap Alternative

Chipping spreaders help do a job that would otherwise cost a fortune with asphalt or concrete overlay.

Chipping Spreader Types

Camamach is well known to only stock the best road machinery. The available stock includes:


Chipping Spreader for road maintenance at Camamach

Where to Buy Chipping Spreader?

If you are in the market for best-priced and high-quality chipping spreaders, then Camamach is the place to be. Head over to Chipping Spreader for more details.

Which Countries Manufacture Chipping Spreader in Bulk?

A chipping spreader is an essential piece of machinery in the road construction business. The demand has been rising in developing countries with infrastructural plans,

The top manufacturers of chip spreaders are China, France, and the United States.

Who are the top Chinese Manufacturers of Chipping Spreader?

China doesn’t have a shortage of brands that manufacture chipping spreaders. That is why, Camamach, with years of experience, has selected the top Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). The product at Camamach is:

·         OEM Chipping Spreader


What’s more in the store?

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