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Standard Asphalt Mixing Plant (120 tph) 120-ton Asphalt Mixing Plant | OEM

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Model DLB-1500
Production capacity 120 t/h
Drying cylinder combustor fuel consumption rate(standard) Fuel consumption rate ???6.0kg/t mixture, Gas consumption rate ???7.5 Nm?? mixture, Coal consumption rate ???13.0kg/t mixture
Measuring accuracy Dynamic measurement accuracy: asphalt??1.0%, powder??1.0%, aggregate??2.0% static measurement accuracy: asphalt??0.25%, powder??0.3%, aggregate??0.5%, asphalt aggregate ratio ?????0.2%
Emission concentration Smoke and dust emission concentration ???50mg/Nm?????Ringelman blackness ???I
Installed capacity (standard) 330kw
Maximum unit capacity 75kw(Induced draft fan)
Power AC 380V 50Hz
Storage bin capacity 50 tons (bottom-mounted)
Covering area 800-900???

120 Standard Asphalt Mixing Plant | OEM

120 Standard Asphalt Mixing Plant is highly preferred as it is available with numerous functional abilities. Starting from 20 to 100 t/hours, it can be suitable for different conditions. Also, the plants of such can be mated with the facilities of gravitational and dust collecting facilities.

Unique characteristics making it explicit

Being among the most advanced asphalt paving machine, it possesses significant air emission capacity. Its integrated design makes things even more interesting. The customized finish makes it suitable for a variety of projects. It is considered the best asphalt paving machine due to its user-friendly characteristic.

To be specific, the ease of installation makes it one of the most favourable products in this segment at the moment. The secret behind its superior performance is said to be the high-end hydraulic unit. It enables the machine in managing to handle plant erection with greater proficiency.

Superior capacity, performance, and customization

The best part about the 120 Standard Asphalt Mixing Plant is that it can be developed in a customized fashion. As per demand, the sections like bitumen tanks can be integrated with the entire unit. Ultimately, the performance level and overall design can be set by the desired industry standard. Interestingly, the customized integration or installation can lower the asphalt paver machine price in a noteworthy fashion.

Also, it ensures about lower energy emission, at the same time delivering greater performance. With the supreme ability of around 120-tons per hour, this is indeed the most efficient of its kind products in this segment. Specifically, the machine is hugely preferred these days for high-end road construction purposes. Features, as explained above, are highly recommended when it comes about selecting among the asphalt paving machine for sale. Undoubtedly, it can deliver the full value of the investment.

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