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Integrated 10 ton Backhoe Loader - WZ30-25 | XCMG

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Items Specification Unit
Overall Dimensions(LXWXH) 8000??2200??3350 mm
Overall Weight 9500 kg
Bucket Capacity 1.0 m??
Dumping Height 2650 mm
Dumping reach 930 mm
Digger capacity 0.3 m??
Max. digging depth 4400 mm
Engine model YC4B90
Rated power 65 KW
Rated speed 2500 rpm
Wheel base 2600 mm
Tread 1700  

10 Ton Backhoe Loader WZ30-25 | XCMG

The 10 Ton Backhoe Loader WZ30-25 is a XCMG backhoe loader used in loading and excavation. This new generation model adopted technologies such as four-wheel drive and hydraulic steering system. These backhoes are typically used in road maintenance, farmland development, piping, cabling, parks, and many other diverse situations. It utilizes a reliable Yucal engine which promotes low noise, low exhaust gas, reliability, and environmental protection.

Backhoe Loader Environmental Friendliness

XCMG???s new WZ30-25 backhoe loader boasts an independently developed load-sensing system for smooth digging and high efficiency and energy saving motions. The power to the drive system is also electronically regulated to improve digging efficiency.

Strength and Efficiency of the Backhoe Loader

The new backhoe loader sold by XCMG uses a high strength structural design for the digging end which is also equipped with attachments such as a hammer, tamper, drill, shear, and planer. The loading end consists of a heavily optimized design and industry leading 8-link device for levelness of the bucket. The loading end of the backhoe is also capable of holding a manhole cover planer, snow shovel, forks, and bucket.

Backhoe Loader Safety and Comfort

XCMG???s WZ30-25 model backhoe loader provides a 360 degrees panoramic view, large space, sound, insulation, and shock absorption for driver comfort. The suspension seats are also multi-angle adjustable as well as the joysticks and instrument panels. XCMG???s backhoe is also conveniently equipped with a gearshift lever with a power cutoff switch to switch between high and low gears conveniently.

Convenient Backhoe Loader Maintenance

Various features of the XCMG backhoe loader in terms of convenient maintenance include:

  • Pioneering split engine hoods for high visibility to the engine
  • Central pressure measurement port easily visible for daily inspection
  • Lubricating points concentrated for easier and faster maintenance
  1. Great customer service review by Savana on 6/30/2021

    No problems with the machine. Looking forward to working with you guys for spare parts in the future!

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