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1-ton Walking Behind Vibratory Road Roller - LTC08HZ | OEM

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Operating mass 800 Kg
Static linear load 62/67 N/cm
Vibration amplitude 0.25 Mm
Vibration frequency 48 Hz
Centrifugal force 12 Kn
Travel speed 0-4 Km/h
Grade ability 30 %
Turning speed 3300 mm
Turning angle ??30 ???
Overall dimension 1965*880*1290 Mm
Vibration drum diameter 400 Mm
Drum width 600 Mm
Wheelbase 470 Mm
Diesel power/model 5.68/CF186F Kw
Water tank capacity 32 L

1-Ton Walking Vibratory Road Roller OEM

The 1-Ton Walking Vibratory Road Roller OEM is hugely popular for its incredible design and smooth operation. It ensures greater safety and reliability, as well. The best part about the vibratory roller is its convenience at all types of construction, starting from the asphalt road to filling construction type. To be specific, these machines can be highly convenient at the construction units with water constructions. Extensive usage of these machines is witnessed with the construction of high-end roadways.

Greater comfort and top-notch performance:

The vibratory compactor provides incredible comfort and provides an excellent wide-angle view. It???s, either way, functionality can thoroughly restrict curb rolling. The roller is pretty smooth from operation perspectives as well as having double steering. There are a couple of seats as well, along with a couple of flexible units of operations. It meets with the change in speed being attuned with the gearbox. The gear arrangements thoroughly complement with the needs of compaction and shifting of the sites. It reduces the level of pressure on the drivers to a great extent.


Performance has been one of the most crucial factors when it comes about vibratory rollers on sale. The 1-Ton Walking Vibratory road roller provides incredible control over the performance through altering the pressure level. It can control things through tyres as well. Moreover, it is capable of generating material displacement in all directions. Its ability to perform well on harsh roads makes it the most distinguishing. Specifically, the advanced swing mechanism provides even pressure on the ground. This results in a thorough compacting of the materials on the ground.

Greater safety

Through the high-end brake system, including safety brake makes the vibratory road roller much reliable. There is a perfect hand brake available as well for added security. Overall, the machine ensures the highest level of safety and reliability in comparison with its contemporaries.

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