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12-ton Double Drum Vibratory Road Roller - LTC214 | OEM

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Operating mass 14000 Kg
Static linear load 333/286 N/cm
Front axle load 7000/6000 kg
Rear axle load 7000/6000 kg
Form of frame Fork-type -
Water tank capacity 2??600 L
Fuel tank capacity 154 L
Hydraulic tank capacity 65 L
Vibration frequency mm
High ampl. 0.8 -
Low ampl. 0.4 -
Vibration frequency Hz
High ampl. 40
Low ampl. 46
Centrifugal force Kn
High ampl. 160??2
Low ampl. 90??2
Travel speed 0-12 km/h
Turning radius 7000 mm
Grade ability 40 %
Steering angle ??30 ??
Drum diameter 1350 mm
Drum width 2100 mm
Transverse swing angle of the vibrating wheel ??8 ??
Type of water spray Pressure mm
Wheelbase 3717 mm
Overall length 5060 mm
Overall width 2250 mm
Overall height 3300 mm
Ground clearance 324 mm
Diesel model 6BT5.9 -
Diesel power 110 kw
Diesel speed 2300 r/min

12-Ton Double Drum Vibratory Road Roller | OEM

This 12-ton double drum roller compactor is a perfect vibratory compacting machine. The machine is ideal for surface compaction work of large scale as well as small scale project. Its compact size has made it suitable for pits, road and stadium area.

The compactor roller machine is composed of vibratory drum, high-efficient power unit, articulated frame, hydraulic vibration, potent hydraulic steering, transmission mechanism, and electrical system. This machine is developed to offer high-end performance. In the segment of vibratory rollers, this can be considered as one of the most influential and advanced types.

It???s perfect engine hood design makes the engine to operate at its maximum level under a challenging occasion. If you want a roller which combines both power and style, then go for this one.

Features, designs, and engine of the machine

The machine supports hydraulic vibration, mechanical movement, and hydraulic rotation. You will find water spray and scraping unit in front as well as rear wheels. The machine comes with N390B diesel engine series. The engine is power efficient, easy to use, and maintain. The noise level of the engine is also quite low.

With compact integral structure, it can be used for compaction on narrow sites. If you are looking for a perfect roller for road construction, this can be an ideal option for you. The 12-Ton Double Drum Role has dual frequency and double vibration system.

The hydrostatic steering is placed at the right location to offer maximum comfort to the operator. With crab designed steering, it extends the working width. The operator will enjoy perfect visibility to the edges of drums, surface, and the surroundings. The cabin has an air-conditioner system and a rotatable driver seat.

If you want to buy this fantastic machine, just search for the best vibratory roller for sale. You will find the machine on the list of top rollers.

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