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12-ton Single Drum Vibratory Road Roller - LTS212H | OEM

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Operating mass 12000 Kg
Static linear load 286 N/cm
Vibration amplitude 1.6/0.8 Mm
Vibration frequency 29/35 Hz
Centrifugal force 260/160 Kn
Travel speed 10.2 Km/h
Grade ability 30 %
Turning speed 7000 mm
Vibration round width 2100 mm
Overall dimension 5900??2280??3050 Mm
Vibration drum diameter 400 Mm
Ground clearance 360 Mm
Wheelbase 3060 Mm
Diesel power 110 Kw
Diesel model CUMMINS 6BT5.9 -
Water tank capacity ??? L

12 Ton Single Drum Vibratory Road Roller | OEM

This is one of the best hydraulic single drive vibratory road roller which is developed based on the advanced international technology. Besides, it has high-quality, imported components. The machine has a super heavy-duty vibratory roller, and with maximum working mass, it produces strong centrifugal force.

This 12-Ton Single Drum Vibratory Road Roller has a perfect cylindrical bearing. From its limited rotational speed, it can offer sufficient load holding ability. Well, its design can prevent the popularisation of the drums. The road roller has a perfectly installed throttle handle and forward/ reverse handles which offers an exceptional level of comfort. It has a smooth lubrication mode which lowers the failure rate.

The primary reason which has made this single drum vibratory road roller superior is it has the most advanced hydraulic driving system and has hydraulic articulated steering.

Features, performance, and engine of the roller

The primary reason behind its outstanding performance its cylinder arrangement. It provides direct injection. The 12-Ton Single Drum Vibratory Road Roller engine is famous for its power-saving capacity. The design is carefully planned to offer stable power transmission.

This machine is perfect for non-cohesive materials. For example, macadam aggregate mixtures, graves, sandy soil, etc. Moreover, it offers good compaction in cohesive materials. That???s why it is also considered as the best pavement roller.

The roller is powered by Cummins B-series extra-pressure diesel engine and can work perfectly at more than 4000 meters altitude.

With circular windshield glass, curvy hood, and streamline outline, it has a unique style. It comes equipped with pad foot, and you can also go for removal pad foot. This single drum vibratory has high-quality vibrating motors and hydraulic pumps which are of 90 series. They are made by American manufacturer Sauer or Rexroth, a German manufacturer. In short, it is one of the best road rollers in the 12-ton segment.

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