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15-ton Road Grader - GR165 | XCMG

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Basic specification
Engine model D6114
Rated power/speed 125kW/2300rpm
Dimension(LxWxH) 8900??2625??3470mm
Operating weight(Standard) 15000kg
Performance specification
Travelling speed ,forward 5???8???11???19???23???38 km/h
Travelling speed ,reverse 5???11???23 km/h
Tractive force(f=0.75) 77KN
Max. gradeability 20%
Tire inflation pressure 260 kPa
Working hydraulic pressure 16 MPa
Transmission pressure 1.3???1.8MPa
Operating specification
Max. steering angle of front wheels ??50??
Max. lean angle of front wheels ??17??
Max. oscillation angle of front axle ??15??
Max. oscillation angle of balance box 15
Frame articulation angle ??27??
Min. turning radius using articulation 7.3m
Maximum lift above ground 450mm
Maximum depth of cutting 500mm
Maximum blade position angle 90??
Blade cutting angle 28?????70??
Circle reversing rotation 360??
Moldboard width X height 3965??610mm

15 Ton Road Grader GR165 | XCMG

The period of motorization by engines, tractors, trucks, and tractors saw such pulled graders grow in size and productivity. These early motor graders were created by adding the grader blade as an accessory to a generalist tractor unit. 15 Ton Road Grader GR165 for sale has an engine hood and powerful brake system. It is one of the efficient graders for the grading process. Also, this motor grader price is very nominal. Let's dive into the performance characteristics of the motor grader machine :

Power System

The motor grader machine is equipped with a turbocharged diesel engine, featuring high output torque and power reserve coefficient and low fuel consumption.

Steering for a motor grader is achieved via a steering wheel regulating the angle of the front wheels, but several models also allow frame articulation within the front and rear axles, which provides a smaller turning radius in addition to providing the operator to correct articulation angle to aid in the performance of moving material. Other instrument functions are typically hydraulically powered and can be quickly controlled by levers or electronic switches controlling Electro hydraulic valves.

Brake System

It consists of two brake systems. Firstly is the service brake system which is one single circuit hydraulic and is applied onto four middle rear wheels of the motor grader, featuring high breaking safety and reliability. The parking system is composed of a control device and brake.

Front Axle

The closed-type hydraulic system composed of imported variable displacement pump and constant displacement motor is equipped. With dual-frequency, double-amplitude, and scientific and analytical static linear load and exciting force and configuration, it guarantees the powerful compacting for the materials of diversified types and the layers of diversifies depth.

Working Device

The working device of road grader machine is composed of traction frame, slewing raceway, blade and angular positioned. The forward end of the traction frame is a ball joint and is hinged to the front end of the frame so the traction frame can rotate and swing around the ball joint in any direction.

The slewing raceway support is located on the traction frame and can be driven by the slewing drive unit to rotate around the traction frame and thus drive the rotation of the blade. Two top and bottom slides on the back of the blade are supported on the sideways of the angular petitioners on two sides so that the blade can slide laterally under the drive of the blade side shift cylinder. The shoveling angle of the blade is very adaptable.

Hydraulic System

15 Ton Road Grader GR165 from XCMG consists of mainly three components working hydraulic system, steering hydraulic system, service brake system. The service brake system is controlled by the hydraulic system and is implemented onto four rear wheels of the motor grader. It's composed of gear pump, brake valve, oil charge valve, accumulator, plus brake cylinder to control the service brake.

Engine Hood

The engine hood of a motor grader machine adopts the architectural part of beautiful and streamline modeling, with the gates on two sides and integral tilting capability to enhance the maintainability.

Motor graders are mainly used in the construction and preservation of filthy roads. In the progress of paved roads, they are used to make the base course of building a broad flat surface upon which to place the road exterior. 15 Ton Road Grader GR165 are also used to set local soil or gravel foundation pads to polish grade before the construction of large buildings. It can also produce slanted surfaces, to give cant (camber or side slope) to roads. In some countries, they are used to provide sewerage ditches with dull V-shaped cross-sections on either side of highways.

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