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18-ton Single Drum Vibratory Road Roller - LT218B | OEM

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Operating mass 18000 Kg
Static linear load 428 N/cm
Vibration amplitude 1.9/0.95 mm
Vibration frequency 30 Hz
Centrifugal force 390/280 Kn
Travel speed Km/h
1st gear 2.0
2nd gear 4.0
3rd gear 10.5
Grade ability 30 %
Steering angle 35 ???
Ground clearance 432 Mm
Electrical voltage 24 V
Tuming radius 7000 mm
Vertical oascillation 8 ???
Tyre size 23.1-26
Overall length 6200 mm
Overall width 2280 mm
Overall height 3050 mm
Drum width 2100 mm
Drum diameter 1570 mm
Drum rim thickness 36 mm
Wheelbase 3380 mm
Diesel model Cummins 6BT5.9
Diesel power 97 Kw
Diesel speed 2200 r/min
Fuel tank capacity 220 L
Hydraulic tank capacity 160 L

18-Ton Single Drum Vibratory Road Roller | OEM

The 18-ton single drum vibratory roller is quite comfortable to operate. It offers a maximum level of compaction performance and better power efficiency. If you are looking for a roller for compaction operation, for example, stabilized soil, sticky soil, concrete, etc. then this roller will be the best option for you.

It is a perfect compaction device and the roller machine for road construction, embankments, ports, and airports construction. The 18-ton series rollers generally include highly efficient mechanical vibratory rollers having single steel wheel, full-hydraulic wheel, static rolling type, and more.

The roller possesses superior compaction performance, incredible working efficiency, and maximum level of power. The cab offered a good view and configured with a shock absorption seat. If you are planning to buy a new road roller, then go for it.

Features and configuration of the roller

Talking about the standard configuration, it includes world-class imported motor and open gear pump. There is also an optional configuration which includes imported piston pump, motor and closed hydraulic vibration system. All these offer a stable oscillation stop, start oscillation, and maximum level of compacting.

Its unique drum structure features a perfect level of intensity and rigidity. The roller bearings adopt short cylindrical bearing. They have a strong bearing capacity and high rotary speed. Both the left and right vibration chambers are perfectly symmetrical and prevent polarization of the drum. You can easily lubricate the vibratory bearing to reduce the system failure rate.

18-ton single drum vibratory roller adopts numerical control plate rolling, control blanking, control bender, and horizontal machining center to maintain the perfect precision of the complete machining.

The roller???s engine cover is quite easy to open. Besides, you will get a large opening angle. This makes the maintenance parts easily accessible. There is a high positioned air intake which extends the interval of the air filter maintenance. So, check out the single drum vibratory roller for sale and buy one now.

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