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20-ton Pneumatic Tyre Road Roller - LTP2030 | OEM

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Operating mass (Unballast/Ballast??? 20000/30000 Kg
Max. travel speed 20.64 Km/h
Tyre quantity(front+rear) 5+6 pcs
Min.turning radius 8000 mm
The presses the width 2790 mm
Grade ability 30 %
Overall dimension 4950??2750??3240 mm
Wheelbase 3800 mm
Diesel power 125 Kw
Diesel model 6BTA5.9

20-Ton Pneumatic Tyre Road Roller | OEM

The 20-ton Pneumatic Tyre Road Roller is a self-propelled road vibratory roller which is primarily used for compaction work. It has an all-wheel braking system which can be immediately engaged upon failure of transmission or engine. The braking distance can up to 200hp, which is around 40 to 50 percent lower than other similar machines.

It comes equipped with advanced oil-spraying technology. The pneumatic powered automatic oil-spraying system prevents the asphalt from sticking to the roller???s tires. It can be used as asphalt compactor. Talking more about it, its two-minute suction refill of the tank prevents the manual oil tank refilling. Besides, it prevents the safety hazard related to the applying oil manually.

Features and specification of 20 Ton Pneumatic Tyre Road Roller

Its size, capabilities, and design have made the roller perfect compacting equipment for constructing express highway, industrial buildings, seaport, embankment, and airports. This type of road roller has super compaction performance which is quite better than other types of compacting machines, especially when the roller is used for asphalt surface compaction.

The pneumatic roller can attain excellent compaction performance, and there will be not false rolling while using it for compacting combination soil or sandy soil. Its system can automatically balance weight and can change the rolling and inflation pressure of the tyres.

20-ton Pneumatic Tyre Road Roller comes with high-performance hydraulic steering, braking, pneumatic, and up to 3 gear transmission system. By combining all these specifications, it offers better speed and an adequate level of flexibility. The machine also has a water pump which can sprinkle water on a large area and can also spray water onto the tyre surface. There are also scrappers which clean the tyre to maintain its compaction quality.

The roller compactor machine has a spacious driving cab. The cab can offer a good view of the surrounding. There is also ROPS as an option for the buyers.

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