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20-ton Road Roller - XS203 | XCMG

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Item Specification Unit
Operation weight 20000 kg
Front axle load 13500 kg
Static linear load 621 kg/mm
Vibration frequency 28/33 Hz
Nominal amplitude 1.86/0.93 mm
Excitation force 370/255 kN
Speed??? 0???4 km/h
??? 0???5 km/h
??? 0???6.4 km/h
??? 0???10 km/h
Theoretical gradeability 50 %
Min. turning radius (internal) 4370 mm
Engine model SC8D190.1G2  
Rated power 140 kW
Rated speed 2200 rpm
Dimension (Length ??Width?? Height) 6222??2390??3077 mm

20 Ton Road Roller XS203 | XCMG

The 20 Ton Road Rollers XS203 is a heavy engine made to deliver high-end performances. It represents the latest model of XCMG. In the segment of vibratory rollers of mechanical drive, this is indeed the most advanced type. Be it about the functionality of compulsion; the XCMG road roller ensures the best level performance. The XCMG roller compactor is enriched with the advanced large arc frame structure.

Its superior engine hood design turns the engine more functional during the challenging occasions. In comparison, the XCMG is comparatively much visually attractive as well.

Performance, reliability, and design

The secret behind its superior performance goes to its six-cylinder arrangement. It provides direct injection for best effect. The 20 Ton Road Roller XS203 engine is known for its superior power reserve capacity. Also, it has the power box electrically manipulated. Its high-end design is meant to provide stable power transmission during the challenging occasions. The 20 Ton Road Roller XS203 ensures high-end traction performance in all occasions. Double vibration frequencies power this XCMG Compactor.

It has the most extensive piston pumps that ensure superior level endurance, making the unit more trustworthy. Moreover, the pumping unit ensures identical compaction. This model of 20 Ton Road Roller XS203 comes with the largest diameter drum. At the same time, it also possesses the superior most static linear load in its segment. Being mated with an advanced drum structure ensures greater productivity. 20 Ton Road Roller XS203 is known for the superior most compaction outcomes, which is also one of the reasons behind higher productivity.

The electrical system of this XCMG roller compactor is made up of the most advanced dust-proof connector. It is equally enriched with vibration-resistant characteristic as well for more reliability.

The 20 Ton Road Roller XS203 XCMG has the most advanced brake. It has the most advanced clutch protection unit, as well.

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