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26 Ton Road Roller - XS263J | XCMG

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Item Specification Unit
Quality of work 26000 kg
Engine manufacturer Shangchai -
Rated power / speed 140/1800 kW/rpm
Exciting force 405/290 kN
Other configuration Optional bump -

26 Ton Road Roller XS263J XCMG

The 26 Ton Road Roller XS263J XCMG is indeed quite known for its smooth operation. It boasts the most flawless layout, having the perfectly positioned control buttons. The XCMG road roller has the best gearbox arrangement with synchronizer. This arrangement makes it super smooth from operation perspectives.

Design, performance, and energy-saving nature

The 26 Ton Road Roller XS263J XCMG comes enriched with the perfect compactor drive axle. This ensures greater stability by avoiding accidental occasions like slipping to a great extent. It features the sturdiest traction as well.

The XCMG roller compactor has the most trustworthy and enduring hydraulic system. Upon taking a look at the basic configuration, the strategically positioned open gear pump and motor make it evident about the reason behind the greater performance. At the same time, it has the most enriched covered hydraulic vibration system). The 26 Ton Road Roller XS263J XCMG holds the best reputation of enduring service life. It is equally known for delivering the steadiest start-oscillation stop. The XCMG compactor is supremely energy-saving as well, at the same time being greatly environment-friendly.

Better maintenance, ability to perform well in adverse condition

Being enriched with the advanced water-cooled engine, it is capable of producing nominal noise impact. Most importantly, it meets the emission standard of European I thoroughly, thus ensuring the greatest environment standard. This 26 Ton Road Roller XS263J XCMG has the best battery unit that works effortlessly even in low temperature. This, alongside the superbly effective vibratory compacting system, makes it the most advanced of its kind. The secret behind the incredible toughness goes to its explicit drum model. Its unique design avoids polarization of the drum to a great level.

From maintenance perspectives, this 26 Ton Road Roller XS263J XCMG has no competition. With an easy-to-open engine cover, maintenance looks super easy. It???s true at the same time that the angle of opening is pretty large.

  1. Price is : USD 60000-65000 review by Md. Helal Khan on 7/1/2021


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