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26-ton Single Drum Vibratory Road Roller - LT626SD | OEM

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Operating mass 25500 Kg
Static linear load 610 N/cm
Vibration amplitude 1.9/0.95 mm
Vibration frequency 28/35 Hz
Centrifugal force 460/360 kN
Travel speed 2.5/4.9/11 km/h
Gradeon ability 30 %
Turning radius 7500 mm
Overall dimension 7025??2360??3090 mm
Vibration round width 2100 mm
Wheelbase 3535 mm
Diesel model SC8D190
Diesel power 140 Kw

26-Ton Single Drum Road Roller | OEM

A 26-ton single drum Road roller is a roller of a compactor type engineering vehicle used in the construction of roads and foundations to compact gravel, soil, concrete, and asphalt. The similar types of roller are also used in landfills or for agricultural purpose. The roller consists of a round-shaped single drum with rectangular shaped protrusions on it.

There are different types of rollers available for the compaction work like single drum roller, tandem roller, and pneumatic roller, etc.

Different types of 26-ton drum road rollers

  • Cylindrical rollers

This roller is light in weight made of iron, concrete, or stone. The size of the roller varies. The ground pressure generated by this type of roller is 7kg. These rollers are used to consolidating stone or similar crushes material on flat terrain.

  • Smooth wheeled rollers

This type of roller suitable for consolidating stone soling, sand, ballast, grave, and surface dressing. The smooth wheeled roller consists of a large steel drum on end.

  • Vibratory rollers

Vibratory roller are used for compacting granular base courses. This roller is fitted with one smooth surface steel drum with a weight of 4 to 6 tonnes. This type of roller is mostly used in a granular base layer and laying asphalt.

  • Grid rollers

The grid roller are used for compacting grained soil. The roller has a heavy steel surface. The steel surface consists of networks of steel bars which form a grid with holes on it. The weight of this roller varies between 5 tonnes to 15 tonnes.

The above mentioned are some of the types of rollers; there are many more types of roller available. The 26-ton single drum roller for road provides a more uniform degree of compaction than steel wheel rollers; they provide a tighter, denser surface layer.

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