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3-ton Double Drum Vibratory Road Roller - LTC3F | OEM

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Operating mass 3000 Kg
Static linear load 120/103 N/cm
Vibration amplitude 0.5 Mm
Vibration frequency 50 Hz
Centrifugal force 50 Kn
Travel speed 0-12 Km/h
Grade ability 32 %
Turning speed 3300 mm
Steering angle ??26 ???
Overall dimension 2760*1400*2580 mm
Drum diameter 700 mm
Drum width 1250 mm
Wheelbase 2010 mm
Diesel power 23 Kw
Diesel model ZN390Q -
Water tank capacity 165 L
Quantity of rear tire 4 Pic
Specification of rear tire 7.50-15 -

3-Ton Double Drum Vibratory Road Roller | OEM

The 3-Ton Double Drum Vibratory Road Roller is hugely popular for its incredible reliability. It is pretty sturdy in terms of its mechanics having perfect scraping at both the back and front wheels. At the same time delivering incredible performance, it is convenient from maintenance perspectives as well. It is among the most favoured double drum road rollers at present for building constructions. There is a great demand for it for high-end stadium construction works as well.

Safety features and convenience:

The credit behind the huge drum roller sale is said to be the superior level of comfort it provides for the driver. Being enriched with the superior class shock absorber, it ensures utmost level of comfort. The drum roller is absolutely safe powered by the most advanced hydraulic brake. In addition, there is a couple of sets of braking units as well, also with one hand brake. Apart from all these, there is also a pedal brake arrangement to take the safety of the machine to the next level. It can deliver greater performance and safety even in most adverse condition.

Performance, design, and other aspects:

Its compactness is of the highest level. The drum roller compactor is known for its supreme level performance powered by the incredible centrifugal force generated by it. Its thoroughly articulated frame makes it superbly convenient from design perspectives. The hydraulic steering of the machine ensures the sleekest performance.

3-Ton Double Drum Vibratory Road Roller is one of the most spacious road rollers. To be specific, the cab being mounted on superior class rubber damping elements makes things absolutely soothing. In terms of performance, its advanced diesel engine can generate the highest level of power. The frontal drum drive arrangement makes things even more exciting. All these ensure top-notch performance and incredible safety at the same time. The best part, the drum roller price is still pretty affordable. It can be utilized for numerous range of purposes.

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