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6-ton Double Drum Vibratory Road Roller - LTC6 | OEM

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Operating mass 6000 Kg
Static linear load 232.4 N/cm
Drum diameter 950 mm
Rolling width 1320 mm
Centrifugal force 55 Kn
Centrifugal Movement - kN.m
Oscillatoin frequency 46 Hz
Oriental vibration amplitude 0.62 mm
Travel speed1stgear2ndgear 2.5/7.5 Km/h
Overall dimension 3690??1600??2700 Mm
Grade ability >20 %
Diesel model 498BG -
Diesel speed 2200 r/min
Diesel power 42 Kw
Water tank capacity 435 L

6-Ton Double Drum Vibratory Road Roller | OEM

The 6-Ton Double Drum Vibratory Road Roller are engineering vehicles incorporated to compact the soil, concrete, and gravel in road construction and foundations. Different road rollers and compactors are used in various constructions. The weight of the vibratory roller compresses the surface of the soil with mechanical vibrating. High speed, weight vibratory compactor is incorporated for powerful pushing of the bulk materials to the ground with extra force.

Functions of Double Drum Vibratory Road Roller

The primary function of the vibratory road roller is to compact all kind of asphalt, rock fills and soil on the road in construction work. Small-sized rollers are used for small scale compaction and repair work such as parking areas, compressing the cycling paths, pavements, etc. features of these road rollers are:

  • Have self-cleaning scrapers which prevent the dirt from buildup.
  • Parking brake.
  • For operator safety, there is reversing protection.
  • Consists of motors and hydraulic pump that provides variable vibration for different speed.
  • Have an electronic clutch.

The steel wheel rollers can have one, two, or three drums as per the usage in different functional units. Equipped with vibratory drums, the weight of the roller has great compaction effort on the ground. During compaction, the vibration aggregate interlock and reduces friction that enables the aggregate particles moving to the final position. With this modern engineering vehicle, the operator can control the vibration or on/off as per the speed of the rotation and eccentric moment.

The amplitude and vibratory frequency of the 6-Ton Double Drum Vibratory Road Roller depend upon the desired smoothness of the mat. Generally, lower roller speed and higher frequency are preferred for reducing the gap between the surface impacts. Also, it provides a smoother surface. The professional manufacturers offer vibratory roller for sale to their clients with all the advanced features to carry out various functions smoothly.

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