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All-in-one Kneader/Road Marking Machine | OEM

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Techinical parameters
Outer diamensions(L*W*H) 1200*900*1100mm
Net weight 220KG
Capacity of melting tank 120kg
Capacity of glass beads case 25kg
Coat thickness 1.2-4mm
Bead dispensing method flexible shaft driven, automatically clutch
Heating temperature 0-300???
LPG tank norm 15kg
Marking width 50,80,100,120,150,200,250,300,400,450,500mm

All-in-one Kneader/Road Marking Machine | OEM

All-in-one Kneader/road making machine is a super-efficient device that comes joined with high temperature melting kettle. At the same time, it also comes integrated with a marking machine. The equipment of such is useful for public projects like the making of institutions, industries, etc. The equipment can best handle projects that are challenging because of their diversity.

Being useful for modern-day projects

The machine is comparatively tinier in size. However, it is supremely user-friendly and convenient from the functionality point of view. The machine can be thoroughly handled with only a couple of operators.

These machines are highly useful in modern times for projects like underground parking units. To be particular, road making equipment can be useful for construction projects that have to be handled in an enclosed zone. Its size has been deliberately kept smaller to avoid the earlier issues with thermoplastic kneaders due to the confined floor height of underground set-ups. Earlier the machines used to be taken through a truck; this all-inclusive road surface marking machine can thoroughly address the issues of such.

Safe, reliable, and efficient

From safety perspectives, the all-in-one road construction machinery is pretty reliable. Specifically, the heat insulation plate being integrated amidst the thermoplastic cylinder avoids the possible safety threats to a great extent.

The best part about the road line machine is its lighter weight. Gravity test being thoroughly executed, selecting a fresh shaft, it has been made comparatively much lighter. Naturally, it manages to minimize the workload on the operator to a great extent. This is the reason that the marking task looks much simpler through the machine, and can be handled in better ways.

It is quite reliable from the environment point of view as well as having three chimneys; those can move. Moreover, there is also a detachable cover to make things easy for cleaning.

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