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Soil Stabilizer with Special Mixing Drum | OEM

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Item Specification Unit
Soil stabilizer model WB400  
Engine model NTA855-C400  
Engine output/speed 298/400 kW/hp
Rated engine speed 2100 r/min
Max. drum speed 160 r/min
Milling & mixing rotor operating width 2000 mm
Milling & mixing rotor operating depth 350 mm
Milling & mixing rotor tool number 160 pcs
Rotation direction of the operating rotor Reverse  
Max. traveling speed 24 km/h
Operating speed 0-3.3 km/h
Min. turning radius 7500 mm
Approach angle 19 ??
Departure angle 16.5 ??
Min. ground clearance 380 mm
Tires (front/rear) 2??2  
Dimension (L??W??H) 8530??3128??3330 mm

Standard Soil Stabilizer /w Mixing Drum | OEM

The standard soil stabilizer with a mixing drum is much upgraded in comparison with the traditional soil blending device. It is a multipurpose soil stabilizing machine with the ability to blend the foundation elements. At the same time, it can also be equally effective for crushing stones or the stubborn asphalt pavements, and various other crushing purposes at the road construction sites.

Superior engine

It is enriched with an advanced CUMMINS NTA855-C400 engine. Needless is to say that the engine is supremely powerful and is known for its greater reliability. It comes with an advanced hydraulic system that employs highly renowned tandem pumps set with proper alignment. This makes the dirt stabilizer machine supremely efficient. It is here to mention that the highest working pressure that the machine can deal with is up to 35 MPa.

The soil stabilizer machine comes with a huge drum. At the same time, it also comes integrated with huge blending tools of bullet top shape. In comparison with the traditional machines, the soli stabilizer is known for its greater resistance towards the impacts. Naturally, the machine can deliver much-enhanced quality mixing effortlessly.

Smarter configuration

Its smarter configuration makes it a more efficient and natural soil stabilizer. The rotor with soil stabilizer makes it most convenient for both crushing and blending purposes. Also, one can have an exclusive rotor mixing unit.

The machine is hugely renowned for its protective characteristics. First of all, it comes with a UV protective glass arrangement. Also, there is an ecological air conditioner arrangement that enables the operator to function, ensuring greater safety and comfort. It is quite enchanting from design perspectives, as well. The strategic design provides a broader functioning field for the operator.

Making things more user-friendly, it comes with either way valves that can be controlled electrically. The load-sensing steering makes it smooth from the operation point of view. All these characteristics make it a hugely trending soil stabilizer for sale.

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