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Standard Soil Stabilizer | OEM

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Soil stabilizer model WBZ21
Engine model NTA855-c360
Engine output/speed (kW/hp) 258/350
Rated engine speed (r/min) 2000
Max. drum speed (r/min) 135
Milling & mixing rotor operating width (mm) 2000
Milling & mixing rotor operating depth (mm) 350
Milling & mixing rotor tool number (pcs) 160
Rotation direction of the operating rotor Reverse
Max. traveling speed (km/h) 24
Operating speed (km/h) 0-3.3
Min. turning radius (mm) 7500
Approach angle (??) 19
Departure angle (??) 16.5
Min. ground clearance (mm) 380
Tires (front/rear) 2??2
Dimension (L??W??H) (mm) 8530??3128??3500

Standard Soil Stabilizer | OEM Metong

The standard soil stabilizer is an exclusive device for road construction. The prime purpose of using the device at the construction projects is to blend the foundation elements at the site. To be specific, it enables proper blending of foundation elements used at projects like highways, airports, modern-day constructions, etc.

Advanced engine, with high-end parts

The soil stabilizer machine is thoroughly enriched with a high-end CUMMINS NTA855-C360 engine. It has two sections-mixing unit and moving unit. The entire machine functions through an enclosed transmission system. This is the reason that the machine manages to provide greater control over the speed.

The dirt stabilizer machine is hugely known for its high-end hydraulic parts. It ensures greater efficacy and stability of the unit. Moreover, the machine is also enriched with automatic power allotment functionality. This functionality ensures greater safety from the threats of overloading. It also assures greater impact resistance. Naturally, it promises greater endurance in comparison with the ordinary construction equipment.

Safe, smooth functionality, and user-friendly

Form environmental perspectives also, the natural soil stabilizer is highly reliable. It comes with the advanced hydraulic mechanism; those are also made use of with the ecological sanitization. It thus provides greater control over the front wheel. When greater control of the machine is ensured, it is obvious to deliver better performance.

The soil stabilizer is way superior in terms of attractive power. Specifically, the minimal pressure road tyre enhances the attractive power of the soil stabilizer. Ensuring greater safety for the equipment (and also for the user), it comes with a unique falling object protective unit.

The standard soil stabilizer provides the utmost comfort for the driver. It comes with the dual enclosed cab, and moreover, comes with an advanced air conditioning unit (for both cooling and heating). Naturally, the operator feels way lot comfortable while working.

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