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Thermoplastic Kneader | OEM

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Capacity 250KG*2 300KG*2 400KG*2 500kg*2
Transmission 550KG 650KG 850KG 950KG
Diesel engine 7.5HP 16HP 16HP 16HP
Stirring speed 0-80r/min
Engine start method Electrical start and manual start
Heating method LPG
Function Used for melting the thermoplastic material to reach marking temperature (180-220???)

Thermoplastic Kneader | OEM

Thermoplastic Kneader OEM is one of the most vital devices for the thermoplastic development construction in modern times. Enriched with hydraulic drive, along with the ability of forwarding and backward rotation, it comes with the ability to be handled by numerous ways reversing valve.

This enables the melting speed to get swifter. Primarily, these are hugely demanded road construction equipment. Specifically, the projects where swifter melting is felt essential, the machines of such come handy. National highway construction projects involve the demand for this road, making machines quite a lot.

Strategic design

The road work machinery machine comes with blending blades that are established around 10 mm distance from the cylinder base. As a result, the chances of thermoplastic elements getting melted within getting lowered. However, this indeed sets the stage for the material melting process to get swifter for the forthcoming occasions.

One of the distinguishing parts about the thermoplastic kneader is the design of its suspending panel for the stove. This helps in increasing the temperature of kneader bottom in a significant way. The design also facilitates greater utilization of fuel. Melting efficacy also gets enhanced to a great extent, resulting in swifter melting of thermoplastic material. This design also helps in avoiding the possible threats associated with general stoves that can be smoothly burned.


It???s not just that the design of thermoplastic kneader that makes it efficient; the machine is equally efficient from its construction perspectives as well. It is here to note that the diameter of semicircular stamping is around 100 mm greater in comparison with the ordinary thermoplastic kneader.

Naturally, the heating surface gets bigger comparatively. This makes the materials to get melted in a much faster fashion. Having a larger cylindrical diameter and comparatively smaller tank, coating material gets melted in a much faster fashion. All these characteristics make it the supremely efficient heavy road equipment.

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