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1.6-ton Wheel Loader - LG916 | SDLG

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Technical parameters of 5-ton Small Wheel Loader - LG916:

Overall working weight (kg) Rated bucket capacity (m??) Rated load (kg) Max. breakout force (kN) Max. discharging height (mm) Overall dimension (L??W??H) Max. traction force (kN) Max. grade ability (??) Dumping distance (mm)
5400 0.8 1600 ???58 2457 5583??2084??282 ???46 28 848

1.6 Ton Wheel Loader LG916 | SDLG

1.6 Ton Wheel Loader by SDLG is a high a high performing diesel operated engine, high fuel efficiency and high-performance capabilities make it a suitable option for anyone in the industry. The loader is equipped with an international grade electric powershift gear box making it an accessible option for both ease of use and quick operation.


The 1.6 ton wheel loader by SDLG is equipped with a state of the art silent cab which in turn promotes safety for the operator. The cab also contains comfortable and adjustable seats that promote ergonomic movements that will decrease discomfort allowing for longer work shifts. Eaton steering is used within the loader an internationally recognized system with high quality hydraulic steering promoting ease of use and efficiency for the operator. 1.6 ton wheel loader by SDLG is also equipped with frog type outrigger with wider stretching capabilities, to promote stability and safety. A telescoping arm is available to further overall excavating range.


The loader contains state of the art energy saving capabilities which return profit savings to higher work efficiency. A large highly powerful and reliable engine with a new air preheat function that allows for quicker starts in the colder weather. Simple and reliable mechanical cable throttle control, with low fuel consumption high working capabilities and smoother operation. Concentrated air filters are all located underneath the hood in similar proximity thus allowing for easy replacement and maintenance. The loader is equipped with a new standard issue parking brake that is placed in a more convenient spot and has new technology that promotes safety for the operator and those in the surrounding area.

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