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1.8-ton Wheel Loader - LG918 | SDLG

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Technical parameters of 7-ton Small Wheel Loader - L918:

Operating weight (kg) Bucket capacity (m??) Rated load (kg) Max. breakout force (kN) Max. dumping height (mm) Dumping distance Overall dimension (L??W??H) Max. traction force (kN) Total time Steering angel (??) Tipping load (Kn) Rated power (Kw)
6800 1.0(1.0-1.4) 1800 ???58 2510 920 5790??2140??2920 ???56 ???9.1 35 36 65.5

1.8 Ton Wheel Loader LG918 | SDLG

1.8 ton wheel loader by SDLG is run by a high performing diesel operated engine, high fuel efficiency and high-performance capabilities make it a suitable option for anyone in the industry. The loader is equipped with an international grade electric powershift gear box making it an accessible option for both ease of use and quick operation.

Loader Operator Features

The 1.8 ton wheel loader by SDLG is equipped with a state of the art silent cab which in turn promotes safety for the operator. The cab also contains comfortable and adjustable seats that promote ergonomic movements that will decrease discomfort allowing for longer work shifts. Loader controls are easy to access, with plenty of room to turn in the cabin, and designed to provide an ideal working position with spacious leg room. The comfortable working environment combined with efficient hydraulics ensures reliable levels of productivity.

Loader Operation

The 1.8 ton wheel loader by SLDG is a high functioning machine, the entire machine is compact, flexible in operation, of high working efficiency, more suitable for operation in narrow and small field and is widely used in places such as farms, timber yard and municipal construction. The loader engine meets, China emission II standards equipped with a noise control engine. Single-stage three-element hydraulic torque converter and axis-fixed transmission case are used, the 1.8 ton wheel loader by SDLG reinforced drive axle is configured, with large bearing capacity, long service life and high reliability. The 1.8 ton wheel loader by SLDG adopts front and rear reinforced frames that have passed 200, 000 times of fatigue enhancement tests, with strong bearing capacity, reasonable entire-machine load distribution and good stability.

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