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10-Ton Truck Mounted Crane (Folding Arm) | XCMG
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10-Ton Truck Mounted Crane (Folding Arm)

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Project Specification Unit
project SQ10ZK3Q -
Maximum lifting weight 10000 kg
Maximum lifting torque 20 TM
Swing angle 360?? full swing ??
Lifting capacity 10000/2 4600/4.175 3050/5.995 2280/7.785 1700/9.755 kg/m

10 Ton Truck Mounted Crane | XCMG

The 10 Ton Truck Mounted Crane | XCMG is the ideal machine for your substantial construction work. Its sheaves, chains and wire ropes are durable enough to handle any type of cargo you want to lift. It is a mounted crane truck that handles heavy loads up to 10,000kgs. Below is an overview of its features:

Complete swing angle

The ability of a truck-mounted crane for sale to rotate at all angles is an added advantage. The 10 Ton Truck Mounted Crane boasts of a complete 360 degree full swing angle. This gives it the ability to rotate and lift loads without having to move the truck. The work done becomes easier and less time-consuming.

Lifting capabilities

This is among the truck mounted cranes for sale that have a more significant lifting capability of up to 10,000kgs. This is further boosted by the 10 Ton Truck Mounted Crane???s ability to lift loads up to a torque of 20TM. Heavy loads of up to 10,000kgs will require this Truck mounted crane to be at a working radius of 2M. 4600kgs and 3050kgs will require 4.175M and 5.995M, respectively.

Safety features

The 10 Ton Truck Mounted Crane | XCMG is safe to use. This is among the small truck-mounted cranes that come with load holding valves. These types of valves are able to enhance safe crane operations.

On the other hand, the boom extension and retraction is of high speed to boost safety while working is in progress. Another safety feature is the overload protection and the inclusion of the emergency stop button. This is the reason why this Truck mounted crane for sale is safe and meets internationally recognized standards such as the CE and GOST, among others.

It is important to know that other crucial accessories can still be added to this mounted crane truck to extend its special operation abilities. As such, look no further than this machine when you are searching for the ideal truck mounted crane for sale.

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  2. Thanks guys review by Jose P. on 9/4/2023

    Thanks guys

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