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10-ton Lifting Capacity Truck-mounted Crane with Foldable Boom SPK23500/SHACMAN chassis | SANY

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Max. lifting capacity 10t
Overall length 10760 mm
Overall width 2500 mm
Overall height 3635 mm
Axles 3
Axle distance-1,2 5575 mm
Axle distance-2,3 1400 mm
Overall weight 23500 kg
Front axle load 7500 Kg
Rear axle load 16000 Kg
Model WeiChai
Rated power 250kw/2200rpm
Rated torque 1250N.m/1400-1600rpm
Emission standard Euro III
Max. traveling speed 99 km/h
Approach angle 18??
Departure angle 11??
Max. gradeability 30%
Main Performance
Rated lifting moment 226.0kNm(23.0mt)
Rated lifting capacity 10000kg
Max. hydraulic outreach 12.3m
Max.lines of hook 4
Slewing angle(continuous) 400??
Slewing torque 27.0kNm(2.8mt)
Operating pressure 30MPa(300bar)
Pump capacity 50-75l/min
Pump capacity by RC,LS-type 60-80l/min
Crane moment (dynamic) 298.1kNm(30.4mt)
Torsional moment (dynamic) 34.4kNm(3.5mt)
HVAC in low cab Cooling / Heating

The parameters are for reference only, please contact your sales representative for details.


10 Ton Truck Mounted Foldable Crane SPK23500 | SANY

A truck-mounted crane is a type of crane that is mounted on a truck and uses a modern hydraulic system to lift bulky goods. A good example is the 10 Ton Truck Mounted Foldable Crane SPK23500 | SANY that can effectively perform rotation lifting in construction sites. It comes with a durable chassis, PTO, crane and a container as part of the significant components. Below is a look at the reasons why this truck mounted crane for sale should be your number one choice:


The safety of this mounted crane truck has been enhanced by specific features that include the load holding valves. These are meant to improve the safety of crane operations.

Furthermore, the presence of the emergency button and an extra overload protection will ensure that the operator is safe during loading/unloading. The strength of the boom has been improved by the use of high tensile steel material. This helps to optimize the lifting capabilities of this mounted crane truck. In addition to this, the boom can be retracted or extended at a very high speed.


Weight is an essential factor for a truck mounted crane that can lift 10,000kgs. The 10 Ton Truck Mounted Foldable Crane SPK23500 | SANY boasts of an overall weight of 23500kgs. The front and rear axle loads are 7500kgs and 16000kgs respectively.


A number of factors determine the performance of a mounted crane truck. For instance, the 30Mpa operating pressure of this equipment gives it more power. It can produce a slewing torque of up to 27Nm and a nonstop slewing angle of 400 degrees. When its hydraulic outreach reaches a maximum height of 12.3meters, it can lift the recommended maximum weight of 10,000kgs.

If you are looking forward to lift up to 10,000kgs of heavy loads, this is equipment is among the best Crane mounted trucks for sale you can acquire.

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