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14-ton Small Excavator - SY135C | SANY

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Item Parameter
Bucket vol. 0.53m
Operating mass 13.5ton
Transport length 7700mm
Transport width 2550mm
Transport height 2815mm
Upper structure width 2490mm
Cab height 2740mm
Std. Track shoe width 500mm
Track gauge 1990mm
Min. ground clearance 425mm
Tail swing radius 2205mm
Roller gauge 2930mm
Track length 3665mm
Max. digging height 8645mm
Max. dumping height 6175mm
Max. digging depth 5500mm
Max. vertical digging depth 4850mm
Max. excavating distance 8290mm
Min. swing radius 2500mm
Height at min. swing radius 6500mm
Rated power 73.5kw/2200rpm
Travel speed 5.5/3.5(Highest/Lowest)km/h
Swing speed 12rpm
Gradeability 35 degrees or 70%
Ground pressure 41.7kPa
Bucket digging force 92.7kN
Arm digging force 66.13kN

14 Ton Small Excavator SY135C | SANY

The 14 Ton Small Excavator SY135C is a SANY excavator uses a high efficiency and low consumption engine allowing for faster working speed, higher workload capacity, and stronger digging force. This specific engine optimizes efficiency and fuel consumption due to the electric control module that enables high performance, response speeds, and safe engine use under high load.

Quality Excavator Parts and Components

The new small excavator SANY sells uses parts specially customized for SANY to ensure high efficiency, power, low fuel consumption, and reliability. These factors paired with excellent cooling ensures the engine operates at healthy temperatures even under hot conditions. Reliable electronic components and a reinforced boom and arm help make sure equipment is properly used and strong enough to prevent deformation and common excavation issues.

Highly Durable and Reliable Excavator Parts

The SY135C model small excavator contains parts that are designed specifically for the excavator for strength and shock absorption for rough terrain. This vehicle uses the following for durability and reliability:

  • Anti-distortion and bending equipment with a high-strength machine body
  • High-strength swing platform with reinforced plates for bend resistance
  • Track link and tension mechanism which protects the vehicle in rough terrain

Quality Excavator Comfort and Cab Safety

SANY???s SY135C excavator provides various features for environmental safety for the vehicle and cab operator including:

  • Innovative large cab uses an adjustable seat, has suspension and supports the cab driver???s weight
  • Longer control levers for ergonomics and ease of use
  • Pressure sealed cab to maintain a higher pressure in the cab to keep dust out
  • Automatic air conditioner
  • Silicone rubber shock absorber
  • Anti-tipping and falling object protection structure
  • Pump and engine screen
  • Anti-skid plates
  • Larger view mirrors and an alternate exit
  • High-strength top plate
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