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  • Shantui 15 Ton Small Excavator Shantui 15 Ton Small Excavator
15 Ton Small Excavator | Shantui
Quick Overview
Operating weight(kg) :          15000
Engine power(kW/rpm) :       89/2200
Bucket capacity(m³) :            0.65

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Parameter SE150
Operating weight(kg) 15000
Engine power(kW/rpm) 89/2200
Bucket capacity(m³) 0.65
External dimensions(mm) 7860*2645*2855
Bucket rod digging force(kN) 70
Bucket digging force(kN) 105
Rotating speed(r/min) 11.3
Travel speed(km/h) 3.25/5.2
Maximum digging height(mm) 86705
Maximum digging distance(mm) 8325
Maximum digging depth(mm) 5490
Emissions (Indicated as per international standards) Eu stage IIIA

Introducing the Shantui 15 Ton Small Excavator:

When it comes to heavy-duty excavation tasks, the Shantui 15 Ton Small Excavator stands out as a powerhouse solution. Built with exceptional power, stability, and reliability, this excavator is engineered to handle the toughest challenges with ease. Here's why it's the perfect choice for your next project:

  • High-Performance Engine: Equipped with an internationally renowned engine known for its exceptional power reserve and robust performance. Its high-end negative-flow system ensures stability and reliability, making it the golden configuration among machines of the same tonnage. With high system pressure and a large flow rate, the machine delivers quick response and efficient operation, ensuring maximum productivity on the job site.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Maintenance is made effortless with the engine hood supported by dual gas cylinders, opening backward with lightweight and wide opening angles for easy access. Fuel filter elements, oil filter elements, and pilot filter elements are all centrally located, allowing for convenient maintenance and replacements to be completed at the same location, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.
  • Adaptability to Diverse Working Conditions: With its heavy weight and stable design, this excavator demonstrates exceptional stability, even in challenging environments. Equipped with hydraulic cylinders with a large diameter, it provides substantial digging force, while featuring the industry's largest bucket capacity ensures efficient operation. Multiple preset working modes, including excavation, leveling, crushing, and lifting operations, enable versatile application in diverse working conditions, enhancing productivity and efficiency.
  • Operator Comfort: The spacious and ergonomic cabin provides a comfortable working environment for operators during extended hours of operation. Intuitive controls and adjustable seating further enhance operator comfort and productivity, ensuring a pleasant and efficient working experience.
  • Enhanced Safety Features: Equipped with advanced safety features such as overload protection and emergency stop systems, ensuring the safety of both operators and bystanders, promoting a safe working environment.

Experience the power, stability, and reliability of the Shantui 15 Ton Small Excavator. Designed to meet the demands of modern construction and excavation tasks, it's your reliable companion for heavy-duty projects, ensuring exceptional performance and efficiency every step of the way.

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