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15cbm Fire Truck | OEM

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Truck Chassis specifications
Dimensions (mm) 10400??2500??3500
Total mass ( kg) 30000
Drive form 6??4 ; left hand drive
Maximum speed (km/h) 90
Wheelbase ( mm) 4600+1350
displacement 9726 ml
Emission Standards Euro 3
Engine power / model D10.34-31 ; ( Inline 6 cylinder, Turbocharged Intercooled); 250kw???340HP???
Gearbox Manual
Tire quantity / specification 10 +1 ( Spare tire ) ; 12.00-20

Model CB10/60 Fire Pump
Form/Installation location 2 stage engine driven centrifugal pump / Rear of the body
Flow rate: 60L/[email protected]
pressure: 1.0MPa
Maximum suction depth 7m
Water diversion time ???35s

Fire cannon
Model/flow PS60W fire cannon / 60L/S

Tank and Pipeline
Water capacity 15000L
Material High quality carbon steel
Tank fixing Flexible connection to the chassis frame
Tank setting Manhole: 1 pcs manhole with a diameter of DN460mm, With quick lock / open device
overflow gate : 1 DN65 overflow gate
Remaining Outlet : Set 1 DN40 water tank Remaining Outlet with ball valve
Injection mouth ???On the left and right sides of the water tank; each connected to 2 DN65 interfaces
Inlet and outlet runner???Set a water tank to the water inlet pipe, DN150 valve; Set up a water pump to the water tank of the water pipe , DN65 valve, Can be controlled manually or pneumatically
Rotation angle: 360?? horizontal rotation
Elevation/depression angle: Depression angle ??? -15??, elevation angle ??? +45??
Installation location: top of the tank
Range: ???60-65m

15bm Fire Truck | OEM

From China???s most trusted machinery and fire truck manufacturer- Sinotruk- this fire engine is a highly dependable tough-as-nail unit that any fire department won???t go wrong with. This fire engine red has been engineered to surpass the standard safety standards to keep your crew men safe, while making the environment unbearable for unwanted fires.

Engine and Drive Form

This fire truck is propelled by one of Sinotruk???s largest and trusted engine in the D10 Series; the D10.34-31. This is a high-power engine with a displacement of 9.726L and a maximum speed of 90km/h. This D10 engine charges this big fire truck with a mighty 340HP of power to keep it rolling and traversing on different terrains.

Categorized as Euro 3 by the European Emission Standards, this 6x4 fire engine is fitted with a manual gearbox so it puts optimum power in your driver???s hands.

Pump and Cannon

This firefighter truck is endowed with the CB10/60 fire pump fixated at the rear of the body. This is a 2-stage engine driven centrifugal pump with the ability to pump out 60L/S with a pressure of 1.0MPa. Importantly, this able pump offers a maximum suction depth of 7 meters and a water diversion time of utmost 35 seconds.

This fire engine for sale has also been fitted with a robust cannon to complement the strong pump. It uses the PS60W fire cannon capable of kicking some ???ash??? at 60L/s.

Tank and Pipeline Configuration

Engineered for durability and dependability, these fire trucks for sale are fitted with high-quality carbon steel water tanks with a capacity of 15000 liters. For precision, this tank???s inlet and outlet runners can be controlled both manually and pneumatically. It has 2 injection mouths (on the right and left side) each connected to a DN65 interface.

Equipment Storage and Crew Cabin

As with most new fire trucks for sale by Sinotruk, this model???s equipment storage boxes are on both sides of the truck body. These storage boxes have enormous space and feature alloy shutter doors and internal lighting.

This fire truck has a modern cabin with a total of 7 seats, air conditioning, power windows, USB audio interface, and a central locking.

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