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16-ton Asphalt Distributor - XZJ5160 | XCMG

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Item Specifications Unit
??? XZJ5160GLQ  
Spraying width 200-6000 mm
Asphalt spraying dosage 0.2???3.0 kg/m2
Asphalt tank capacity 8000 L
Max.total weight 16 t
Spraying precision ??1.5% ???
Chassis Model DFL1160BX5 ???
Engine power  155 kw
Site transfer speed ???90 km/h
Spraying medium Emulsified asphalt, hot (modified) asphalt, Kerosene cutback asphalt ???
Heating Diesel burner ???
Fuel tank 160 L
Electrical system 24 V
Dimension 8890??2490??3400 ???

16-Ton Asphalt Distributer | XCMG

The 16-Ton Asphalt Distributer is known for being thoroughly multipurpose. An asphalt roller is capable of distributing liquefied asphalt, as well as those in hotter condition. It is also hugely used for the distribution of rubber asphalt as well. Good news is that these segments of devices have started being available in a customized way.

Being a thoroughly multipurpose machine

The purpose of looking for such high-end asphalt roller machine is to handle the applications of numerous kinds efficiently; be it about heating or storage. It is quite popular for accuracy in terms of hauling and spraying applications as well. These are highly looked for asphalt emulsion spraying these days. An asphalt roller of such can be useful greatly in terms of applying emulsions on the highways as well. It can be used for the application of bitumen as well. There is a great use of these machines at parking lots. One can find a huge range of application of these machines for base stabilization projects also. Distinguishing part about the machine is its ability to be applied for base stabilization projects without any size constraints.

Being superbly efficient

The secret behind the super performance of asphalt compactor is said to be its highly advanced design. The high-end design is said to be the reason behind the cost-effective functionality that it manages to deliver. Additionally, the asphalt roller is hugely popular for the level of precision it delivers in terms of tack coated materials. Modern-day devices of such are even more advanced being made explicitly for spraying up of liquid emulsions, those are meant for chip sealing.

Interestingly, these machines are pretty convenient from maintenance purposes as well. It???s a common-sense that anything that demands the least maintenance is obvious to be enduring enough. In short, the asphalt roller machine delivers the full value of money invested in it.

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